Despite the rumors that Animar has become largely inviable following the transition to the Vancouver Mulligan and the banning of Prophet of Kruphix, I believe that the deck remains fast and consistent, and ultimately competitive. Here I provide an uncompromising, highly-tuned Animar list designed to compete in any meta up to (if not including) full-powered cEDH.

The key factor to bear in mind when reviewing this list is that Animar is not a "big-creatures" deck nor a "big-mana" deck. It's a creature-based storm deck designed with the aim of casting one or more cheap creatures as many times as possible for as little mana as possible, with Animar himself acting as a more powerful Helm of Awakening effect.

For those looking to understand this deck better or to play it on a budget, I recently wrote up a highly-detailed primer in collaboration with a group of experienced, competitively-minded Animar pilots. That primer, and the useful discussions it initiated, can be found here: The cEDH Ancestral Animar Primer.

I've also provided a brief summary of the main combos on this page:

Animar is a great deck to play. As with any good cEDH deck, it consistently rewards research, practice, tight play and a little creativity. Hopefully the information I've provided here can clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding a famously powerful deck. While not a true Tier-1 competitor, the deck remains fast, fun and surprisingly powerful at almost any table.

Rumors of Animar's death have been greatly exaggerated!

If you want, you can check out my other deck here: Ad Nauseam Zur.

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