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Said on Pretty Boros Angels...


Saw your decklist on the EDH discord, figured I'd drop in with some suggestions.

The first one is regarding your commander. I think Iroas may be better off as part of the 99 as support for Aurelia, the Warleader. Giving your creatures menace and protecting them from battle damage is nice, but it's somewhat tricky to have a focused win condition built around that. Aurelia, on the other hand, gives you access being able to untap your creatures an extra time each turn, which can lead to many neat interactions. Repeating cards like Sun Titan, Tajic, Blade of the Legion, and Hanweir Garrison nets you massive value, not to mention the fun times with Combat Celebrant! Iroas is important support in that deck, as your opponents will heavily struggle with two bouts of menacing creatures thrown over their way.

With that in mind, I'll take time to cover some card choices that I don't think are pulling their weight in your deck. These comments will be guided by working around Aurelia, whom I strongly feel is a better fit for what your deck is trying to accomplish.

Basandra, Battle Seraph: I absolutely adore the artwork on this card, but the effect is underwhelming. On hand, it's nice to lock down your opponents' spells during combat, but that means you can't play your own either! It's a double-edged sword you have to be careful of. If you're interested in the force to attack function she offers, consider goad cards like Grenzo, Havoc Raiser or Disrupt Decorum . They provide defense for you while forcing your opponents to go after each other, AND Grenzo's abilities work wonderfully with Aurelia.

Boros Elite as a 1-drop is rather overwhelming. In limited, a 1-drop 3/3 is pretty nice, but given how vanilla it is otherwise, I can't say it warrants a spot over something with more versatility.

Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder: I believe there are better ways of enabling Double Strike. You already have one of them in your deck, Duelist's Heritage, but instead I'd run True Conviction. Higher CMC, but it applies to all of your creatures instead of just one at a time!

Firemane Angel's massive CMC gives me cause for concern. The lifegain is minimal, and for 6 mana we can be doing a lot more (see True Conviction!)

Honored Crop-Captain is a tad on the weaker side when it comes to pumping. Getting more utility through cards like Spear of Heliod or Marshal's Anthem may be worth looking in to. While harder to cast, Captain of the Watch generates multiple bodies and gives your Soldiers (which you should be running quite a few!) a nice boost to boot.

Speaking of Soldiers, most of the ones you'll be running will be humans. Angel of Glory's Rise is an angel that gives you back your humans (likely to be soldiers), and can hose many black decks. Put this card on your radar if your local meta has zombies!

Iroas's Champion is another card thats a little on the weak side. Double strike is nice, but without consistent pumps it's not going to be a game-winner for you.

Jareth, Leonine Titan is a bit too defensive for my liking, especially when this deck very much wants to be on the offensive. Given the step casting cost, we may be better with either something cheaper, or a card more powerful for 6 mana, like Sun Titan.

Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas is MUCH better as a commander than as part of the 99. Given your lack of current recursion, I can't see this card surviving long enough to make use of its experience counters. That, and you currently only have 4 creatures with 5 or more power!

I do like Nobilis of War, but Balefire Liege is similar, pumps your creatures for blocking too (important!) and gives you extra value to your spellcasting.

Nyx-Fleece Ram is far too defensive for this kind of deck. If you're going to go for a defender, Wall of Omens at least nets you some card draw. In multiplayer, that kind of life gain isn't going to make a massive difference, so I believe you'd be better off trying to dig for more resources.

Razia, Boros Archangel is another card I love, but Aurelia truly leads the guild so much better than she does. Preventing damage is totally against what this deck is trying to do. If you're going for keyword soup, either Akroma would be a better fit (loss of Haste is annoying, however).

Thundersong Trumpeter has a good effect, but we can do better. You're already running Master Warcraft lets us pick and choose blockers, but we have Odric, Master Tactician that follows closely behind and would love to be in your 99.

Weapons Trainer is another weak anthem, in my opinion. You'd be better off with something giving a boost in addition to other utility, like Shefet Dunes.

Wojek Halberdiers is another card that only boosts itself... we want to share the love! Odric, Lunarch Marshal spreads around keywords like mono after high school prom. Just one instance is all you need for everyone else to get better all around!

Your mana base is mostly fine, but I'm not a huge fan of ETB tapped lands. You're getting pretty good utility out of yours, but look into getting Battlefield Forge as a cheap upgrade.

Swords to Plowshares is an immediate upgrade to Devouring Light, Reprisal, or Angelic Edict. It's seen recent reprints, so it should be too bad to get ahold of, plus it's great in any deck that runs White! For artifact/enchantment hate, a simple Disenchant or Forsake the Worldly is all you need.

If you like Deflecting Palm, you'll LOVE Comeuppance. I run it in every single White deck of mine, and it can totally steal games out of nowhere for you!

If you are looking for card draw, Reforge the Soul is nice, but there are a few more options to consider. Mentor of the Meek works well with the 1/1 soldiers you'll be creating. Skullclamp is another classic option for turning weenies into cards.

If you're running Sunforger, you're going to want a much larger package! Dawn Charm, Silence, Wear / Tear, and Wild Ricochet are some of my favorites in these colors.

Another instant to consider is Aurelia's Fury. It's great for controlling your opponents during your turn, or shutting down combos out of nowhere.

Finally, I'd like to suggest some generally good cards that can give you more solid win-conditions, or otherwise provide great synergy.

If you end up going with Aurelia as the focus, Felhide Spiritbinder gives you as many combat phases as you have mana to feed into it.

Manabarbs puts extra pressure on your opponents, while if you get Gisela, Blade of Goldnight out, you don't take anything.

Assemble the Legion is one of the most Boros cards out there, and even with your strong Angel focus, a slow and steady wall of attackers and get out of hand for your opponents. Martial Coup also gives you a bunch of soldiers, while also serving as a Board Wipe if necessary!

I know I gave a lot of suggestions, but I do hope this helped a bit. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Iroas vs. Aurelia for the commander of your deck!

October 15, 2017 1:28 a.m.

I think you should be running Kindred Boon in this deck with all the Myojins you have. It turns their otherwise one-time effects into consistent and massive threats more consistently than That Which Was Taken.

Long-Forgotten Gohei also is screaming to be included in here.

I looks like you're going all in with the Kamigawa theme, but there are some non-Kamigawa (and even non Spirit) cards worth considering.

Angel of Flight Alabaster is great recovery in Spirit Tribal. It also allows you to re-use Crib Swap over and over again for consistent removal, or Selfless Spirit for continuous protection.

October 13, 2017 9 p.m.

Said on Arahbo's Armory...


A few thoughts on this list, no particular order:

You're running quite a few lands that ETB tapped. Mosswort Bridge, Secluded Steppe, Stirring Wildwood, and Tranquil Thicket. In order to keep my own Arahbo deck more on the aggressive side, I've opted to exclude most lands that come in tapped. I did keep a handful, like Temple of Plenty however. Still, with less tap lands you may be able to get your artifacts on your creatures more quickly.

Speaking of lands, there are some notable exclusions I'm curious about. I see you're running Vanquisher's Banner from Ixalan, but haven't included Unclaimed Territory ! This card is a weaker Cavern of Souls, but nonetheless provides great fixing for your cats. I think it would be worth your while to slot it in.

Looking at your 1 drops, I very much like that you've included Gryff's Boon, but I feel your deck could also use Rancor. It works similarly in that it recurs itself, and trample practically guarantees damage goes through. Other 1 drops to consider would be Berserk, which serves as both pump and removal (I'd replace Path to Exile with it, personally) as well as Enlightened Tutor for better card selection than what Steelshaper's Gift could offer.

How have Lightning Greaves been working for you? Shroud prevents you from using eminence on your equipped cats, so I've been hesitant to slot it back into my own deck.

While they provide some card draw, Mind Stone, Hedron Archive, and especially Dreamstone Hedron have always felt underwhelming to me. As mana rocks, Mind Stone is on the worthwhile side as it is cheap, but Archive and Dreamstone don't scale as well. If you're going for the mana, Gilded Lotus is a better bet, whereas if you're going for the draw, Rishkar's Expertise is only 6 mana for 3 cards minimum and cheating of mana costs when Dreamstone effectively takes NINE.

Speaking of Mana Rocks, I'm not sure if Commander's Sphere is worth an extra mana for the cantrip. Talisman of Unity can be dropped off of a Turn 1 Sol Ring to really ramp you up!

If you're using Strata Scythe, I'd imagine you'd want to be running Traverse the Outlands alongside it. You can effectively double your equipped creatures power with this combo!

October 7, 2017 3:05 p.m.

Said on nazahn...


Just a very brief suggestion, it'd be remiss of you to exclude cards like Open the Armory, Steelshaper's Gift, and Enlightened Tutor. Really great selection and redundancy for a deck like this!

October 7, 2017 2:17 p.m.

@The_Squirrel you're not alone. I'm running into the exact same issue on Firefox. It seems intermittent, however. Sometimes I can update fine, other times the prompt appears.

October 3, 2017 10:11 p.m.


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