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This deck is designed to take maximum advantage of Arahbo's eminence ability. While getting a Giant Growth on one of my creatures each turn seems relatively underwhelming, it is critical to the success of this build.

There are numerous ways one typically sees Arahbo being built. In 1v1 commander, it's very common to see many 1 and 2 drop cats combined with a multitude of stax effects to ensure they can take initiative with offense while preventing opponents from getting their own strategies going. In multiplayer builds, it's common to see voltron strategies that focus on boosting and protecting a single cat as a target for Arahbo's abilities, or a tokens build that aims to go wide, forcing the opponent to either deal with one large threat or multiple small threats.

This particular deck is intended for use in multiplayer, and aims for a slightly different focus. While still going aggro, this deck uses a higher than usual amount of interaction to keep and maintain momentum, as well as playing the political game to stay under the radar with a relatively under-powered commander while using my opponents' own strategies against each other. This isn't necessarily done by using niche cards, but rather intended by unconventional uses of already synergistic cards. In short, just because I'm in a 4-player game, it doesn't mean that I have to do 120 points of damage, rather it means that I have to ensure my opponents take 120 damage amongst themselves.

I'm still very much new to the EDH format, so I'd very much appreciate any tips and pointers to improve this deck!

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Adorned Pouncer and Skyhunter Skirmisher: Double strike is the simplest way to maximize the boost from Arahbo. Adorned Pouncer can hit the board very early and be able to swing for 8, while Skirmisher costs a bit more in exchange for built-in evasion.

Chameleon Colossus and Mirror Entity: Yes, they count as cats! They both serve as mana sinks to reach sky-high power. Protection from black is relevant on Colossus, where Mirror Entity also enables my non-cat creatures to use Arahbo's boost. Both can knock players out with enough mana behind them.

Felidar Guardian: No Saheeli to take advantage of, but instead a simple means of reusing ETB effects, "reseting" certain cards, etc.

Felidar Sovereign: A secondary win condition in this deck. It can be flashed in, but the deck would need a great life gain focus for me to devote me resources to that game plan.

Fleecemane Lion: Once thing is monstrous, it becomes nigh impossible for most decks to remove. 3 power as early as turn 2 is above the curve, too.

Hungry Lynx: This card is so full of flavor it is ridiculous. I aim to take full effect of its abilities by egging my opponents on to take each other with the rats instead of wasting those attacks on me.

Leonin Relic-Warder: Basic artifact/enchantment hate. If I can squeeze in some other combo pieces, this card could become a win condition by generating infinite mana with my mana rocks.

Lost Leonin: Yes, Infect plays an important role with this deck. By itself, this card is a two turn clock for any single player. With any pumps or Double strike added on, it can take only one swing to knock a player out!

Mirri, Cat Warrior: A flavorful inclusion to the deck, evasion and vigilance are appreciated. Shame it doesn't have double strike instead of first strike, but that 5 power is enough to get the job done.

Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist: Mirri's asymmetrical combat lock down provides defense for us, and encourages our opponents to use their other free attacks against other players. I utilize several similar cards to go along with this method of protecting myself.

Nacatl War-Pride: By itself, this card can potentially be a one-sided wipe against a player, if I can enable deathtouch on all of the tokens. Getting trample and an anthem active for the tokens can make this card a solid finisher. If only this card worked with Blade of Selves!

Oreskos Explorer: On theme, and has a greater impact in multiplayer. I truly call this ramp, as I still have to play the lands properly, but less Plains in my deck means being more likely to draw into my playmakers.

Prowling Serpopard: Invaluable protection against blue. Creatures are the lifeblood of this deck, and this guarantees they at least hit the battlefield.

Qasali Pridemage: Solid removal that also assist with my aggro strategy. While exalted only works with lone attackers, Arahbo can only target one cat anyways. Most valuable when I'm swinging with one cat and leaving my others up for blocking.

Qasali Slingers: Cat version of Aura Shards, a card:symbol:Gcard:symbol:W staple. Reach is also appreciated given the lack of flyers in this deck.

Regal Caracal: Cat lord that creatures extra bodies AND grants lifelink to keep me in the game. 5CMC is slightly steep, but the benefits are too good to pass up.

Sacred Cat: Much better in 1v1, but a 4 power 1-drop is not the worst thing in the world. Being able to cheaply recur itself is appreciated, especially when this deck runs a lower number of creatures than other Arahbo decks. A contender for the chopping block, however.

Watchers of the Dead: On theme graveyard hate. Instant speed is great, and it can even come down off of a T1 Sol Ring.

Wily Bandar: Another slightly underwhelming 1-drop, but the fact it can grant itself indestructible gives it valued staying power. A contender for the chopping block as well.

Nylea, God of the Hunt: An alternative enabler of Trample to Arahbo, I can use this as a mana sink to not just pump my own creatures, but pump my opponents' creatures as they attack each other.

Pathbreaker Ibex: Another win-con in the deck. Cheaper than Craterhoof Behemoth, and works better with Arahbo's abilities.

Sakura-Tribe Elder: Ramp that also serves as a blocker. Standard EDH selection.

Silent Arbiter: Pseudo-redundancy with Mirri, locking down attackers and slowing down the game. Most my pumps are centered around single creatures, so it doesn't hurt me as much as it hurts other wide builds.

Silverblade Paladin: Double strike enabler that plays on curve with Lost Leonin for to knock out a player as early as Turn 3.

Citadel Siege: When on the offensive, Khans mode continually pumps my most significant threat. On the defensive, Dragons mode taps down my opponents' biggest threats. Can be reset with Felidar Guardian if needed!

Duelist's Heritage: Another 3-drop Double strike enabler for Lost Leonin. Can also be used on my opponents' creatures (so long as they aren't attacking me!)

Gift of Immortality: Staying power for my cats. Great for reusing ETB effects or forcing my opponents' to effectively double up on their answers.

Gryff's Boon and Rancor: Small pumps that provide evasion, but are mostly valued for the self-recursion. These enable my threats throughout the game barring exile.

Mirari's Wake: Ramp and an anthem effect in one package... what's not to love?

Bow of Nylea: How can we have a Goddess without her trusted weapon? Enabling deathtouch is a beautiful play with War-Pride, and the sheer utility it offers can be overwhelming. A Swiss army knife of a card if I've ever seen one.

Crawlspace: Further redundancy with Mirri and Silent Arbiter. Asymmetrical, which forces my opponents to use their free attackers against each other instead of me.

Grafted Exoskeleton: Remember how I mentioned Lost Leonin was a two turn clock? This thrown on any of my cats is another two turn clock with Arahbo's eminence. An alternate wincon for the deck.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary: Card selection and card draw in green. GW is not the best color combo for draw, but thankfully not the worst (looking at you, RW!)

Selesnya Signet, Sol Ring. and Swiftfoot Boots: Mana rocks. Standard fare. While the self-ping works against cards like Felidar Sovereign, not enough people run the Talismans in allied colors for the benefits they provide!

Swiftfoot Boots: To address a glaring issue, you've read this list correctly, Lightning Greaves is not in here while this card is. This is subject to change, as both are great haste enablers, but Greaves had shroud, which prevents me from targeting my cats with Arahbo's abilities!

Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, and Nature's Lore: Standard ramp options, practically auto-include in multicolor green decks. Nature's Lore is used over Farseek as the land can come in untapped!

Dusk / Dawn, Hour of Revelation, and Wrath of God: My board wipe options. Dawn allows me to recur most of my cats, as many of the better ones are 2 power (like Lost Leonin!). While this build generates tokens, given the pumps are mostly centered around single attackers, I don't mind running multiple board wipe options.

Harmonize: Condition-less card draw, rare in these colors.

Hunter's Prowess, Life's Legacy, Rishkar's Expertise, Soul's Majesty: Card draw with a catch, but that catch synergizes incredibly well with Arahbo's boost. Given how rare good card draw is in these colors, I'll gladly take what I can get, especially if these are drawing 3 cards minimum thanks to eminence.

Traverse the Outlands: An additional ramp option that scales with Arahbo's boosts. 5+ basics for 5 mana straight to the battlefield means I can easily swing for game once they untap.

Ajani's Presence and Heroic Intervention: On-theme protection. Presence is cheap, pumps, and protects, while Intervention is much better against board wipes (even my own!). While each are a one time use, they are hard to pass up.

Beast Within and Swords to Plowshares: Some of the best spot removal in the format. While it's a shame that an extra blocker or extra life works against the primary strategies of this deck, if I'm using these, it's because I'd rather have my opponent have some extra life or a vanilla 3/3 than have the win.

Benefactor's Draught: Look at this card. Look at Nacatl War-Pride. Look at this card again. If that's not card draw, I don't know what is! Far from the only use - this can be used on my opponents' attackers as well.

Berserk: This deck could not ask for a better support spell. It's remova and it's game-winning pump in one package. Well worth the inclusion for the sheer versatility.

Comeuppance: A personal favorite of mine. I'm also a Yu-Gi-Oh! player, and Comeuppance is effectively a better Magic Cylinder . Not the best, but I'll run this in every one of my white decks.

Dawn Charm: Another favorite of mine, each one of its modes provide valued protection for either myself or after my opponent has wasted their removal on one of my cats. Highly underused, in my opinion.

Hunter's Insight and Momentous Fall: More power-based card draw for the deck. Insight should be netting me four cards minimum if the creature goes unblocked, while Fall is a good response to removal that also helps me stay alive.

Scout's Warning: A cantrip that is an alternative to a haste enabler in this deck, if I play it on my opponent's end step right before my turn. Yes, I could be evil and use this in conjunction with Felidar Sovereign! Still, this bypasses my creatures having to survive a full round of my opponents' turns to be able to hit the ground running.

Silence: I'd be lying if I said this wasn't initially included just because of the Ajani flavor-text! Still, this is excellent to protect against instant speed removal during my turns, as well as an emergency out to my opponents' plays.

Ajani, Caller of the Pride: Another 3 mana double strike enabler to use with Lost Leonin. Maximum flavor to be had here with the cat tokens it can produce if I protect him long enough.

10 Forests and 8 Plains: These should probably be in any given GW deck! Heavier on the forests over the plains to enable my card draw and ramp sooner.

Canopy Vista and Scattered Groves: Duals to fetch with Nature's Lore. Some day I'll get Savannah!

Command Tower and Mana Confluence: It's commander, and I'm not running a mono-color deck. In they go!

Field of Ruin: While it can ramp up opponents in a multiplayer game, it's land removal that doesn't cause me to fall back on my own curve.

Fortified Village, Sungrass Prairie, Sunpetal Grove, Temple of Plenty: More lands that tap for both G and W. I'm not the biggest fan of Temple of Plenty coming in tapped, but it provides an appreciated scry.

Hashep Oasis and Shefet Dunes: Deserts that provide colored mana, don't enter tapped, and can situationally pump my creatures. Worth paying a few life for the versatility.

Homeward Path: Generic utility land, great against Treason effects.

Rogue's Passage: Simple, beautiful evasion.

Scavenger Grounds: More graveyard hate that works well with Oasis and Dunes.

Unclaimed Territory : Weaker Cavern of Souls. Running this over Path of Ancestry since I want to minimize the number of lands that enter in tapped!

Birds of Paradise: Likely to replace Sakura-Tribe Elder. Comes down sooner, and can chump block fliers.

Blazing Archon: While not a cat, it has a guy riding a flying lion, so that counts for something... right? Not a win-con per se, but a natural progression of my Mirri/Arbiter/Crawlspace plays. Would like to include, but given the incredibly steep mana cost it is hard to justify.

Brimaz, King of Oreskos: Comes down early, provides excellent cat blockers, and has vigilance. What's not to love about this card aside from the price tag? This would replace original Mirri in the deck.

Elspeth, Sun's Champion: This may replace one of my board wipes, given how she has a wipe effect built in. 3 extra blockers a turn allow me to stay alive long enough to get her ultimate off and get my cats in the air.

Enlightened Tutor: The best non-creature card selection in White, in my opinion. May slot in over on of my current card draw options.

Leonin Arbiter: Given the searching this deck does for its ramp, as well as the potential upgrades including tutors, I'm on the fence with including this card. Should my meta shift to being heavier on searches, this will be an auto-include.

Noxious Revival: "Free" recursion that can also serve to disrupt opponent's graveyard strategies. Would like to include, but difficult to slot in.

Sylvan Library: This is to replace Life's Legacy eventually. I'd rather take the selection each turn over a one-time draw effect.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Temple Garden, and Windswept Heath: Mana base updates that will greatly assist with fixing. I don't plan to run off-color fetches in this deck. I know they technically don't break color identity, but I can't help but consider something like Arid Mesa a red card! That's less important for a two color deck like mine, anyways. Oh, and fun fact, the token copies that Nacatl War-Pride creatures add to my devotion... looking at you, Nykthos!

Pride Sovereign: Creates solid blockers that can keep me afloat with lifelink, while progressively making itself larger the longer I can protect it. Exert is a little tricky to work around, however, so I'm not 100% certain on including this.

True Conviction: I'm hesitating to include this until this build transitions a bit more towards a going-wide strategy in order to get the most bang for my buck, if you will. Still, this card does support two of this deck's 1-card win-cons (Lost Leonin and Felidar Sovereign), so I'd love to slot this in somewhere.

Vedalken Orrery: Just to be cruel with Felidar Sovereign! Well, that and the same logic that I applied to Scout's Warning - I protect my creatures from a round of the board before getting them on the ground and ready to attack.

The EDH Subreddit over at reddit for all the help and support. Check out their Discord server!

MTG Art for most of the high quality artwork.

CommandCast for tips and pointers I used to shape the ratio of spells and resources in this deck. Be sure to check out their videos at the Command Zone!

Guerte for the inspiration for the formatting of this profile. Check out his retired Daretti deck!

Feel free to upvote and share! +1




This deck has some shiny new toys to play with! I've removed a few of the non-cat creatures, as I wanted to increase the tribal focus. Multiple flying cats were added to increase evasion and defend against other flying decks, replacing some of the other cats. Primal Command in as a tutor over Open the Armory due to its utility, though I'd eventually like to squeeze back in Open the Armory and/or Enlightened Tutor into this deck evenutally. In addition to not being a cat, Silent Arbiter (along with Crawlspace) are removed to focus on more aggro strategies. I'm definitely setting this cards aside for other decks of mine for the time being, and they could come back.


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