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Update: I have changed this deck from a BW Aristocrat build, to simply a Mono-Black.

April 21, 2017 1:58 p.m.

Said on Dead Lands...


Spreading Seas? I know it cost one more than Sea's Claim, but it's also a cantrip.

I see the potential of what's going on here, but it still seems a bit cute. I guess I'm trying to see which decks would actually have a tough time dealing with this mechanic. Up against any Blue or Black deck (esp. UB), this deck seems pretty dead in the water (no pun intended), and other color decks usually run low costed spells, so losing a land here and there is no biggy.

Thank you for sharing!

April 20, 2017 3:19 p.m.

Said on UG Gearseeker...


Hi there! Welcome to Pauper!

I am a big fan Affinity/Metalcraft decks and I notice a couple of things right off the bat:

1) Triggering Affinity: maximize your Artifact Lands! Go 4x in each of your artifact lands, also, Darksteel Citadel can be taken advantage here. The advantage Pauper has is the ability to run Artifact lands, use them!

2) Splashing color (green) advice: splashing for color is fine, but having 8 forests for just one spell seems a bit excessive. Take advantage of color fixing like 2 more Prophetic Prism, or Springleaf Drum, replacing the Crawler. The best green creature for artifact based decks in Pauper is Carapace Forger, it's essentially a 4/4 for 2cmc!

3) Running blue: Thoughtcast! Also, consider Somber Hoverguard as another creature option.

4) Perhaps a bit too much land. 24 seems lit a bit much. Considering you have enablers like Etherium Sculptor, I really think you could dial it back to 20-21 lands and still be ok!

5) I notice a lot of current Standard draft chaff, or cards that are strictly worse than what is optionally available. Take the time if you get the chance to check out the current meta to see what other folks are playing with, dare say I point you to Pauper Affinity. Yet, there is many ways to build around the Affinity/Metalcraft theme in Pauper, heck, I have brewed a UW Gearseeker deck myself!

Your deck is a decent start, but IMO, it's got a ways to go! Thank you for sharing!

April 19, 2017 2:37 p.m.

Hi Zresk, I think I can sum up our differences, and it's an interesting one. Most formats online mirror formats that are played in paper (i.e. Standard, Modern, Legacy, and so forth). Pauper being unique that it is only supported by WotC online only. Therefore, you feel that PAPER should follow ONLINE in this case.

I feel the opposite. If Pauper was supported in paper by WotC, online should reflect paper. As an old school player, I feel paper is at the core of the game, and online is a just a supplemental addition. Therefore, I believe that paper Pauper DOES NOT need to follow online rules exactly, even if they appear very similar. I feel that Pauper in paper is independent in this way.

With that being said, I do not think you're wrong, or I'm right, it's just an opinion. The world is indeed a much larger place my friend, and there is plenty of room for different styles, rules, opinions, languages, and formats!

Thank you!

April 19, 2017 10:55 a.m.

Said on RG Aggro...


+1 Upvote. It's hard to argue with what's going on here to be honest. The only thing that does not settle is perhaps a bit better on the mana fixing, maybe add in 2 Evolving Wilds to help keep things consistent.

Sideboard options could be : Pulse of Murasa, Electrickery, Gorilla Shaman, Ancient Grudge, Relic of Progenitus, Tranquility, or Spidersilk Armor to name a few.

April 18, 2017 2:50 p.m.

Said on pauper loam...


I would like a description for this build please, thanks!

April 14, 2017 9:28 a.m.

Said on Pyre hound jund...


Upvote from me for something new! Looks like a straight forward, yet powerful midrange build! I like it!

April 14, 2017 9:25 a.m.

Said on U/G Wild Energy...


Hi, Cool Build! I would like to point out the very low mana count in the main, (16) lands just doesn't seem like a good balance relative to the average casting cost. I would consider more land, esp. for 2 color with not a lot of cantrips. Have you played this deck yet (online or paper)? Thanks!

April 12, 2017 4:43 p.m.

Zresk I attend regular DCI sanctioned Pauper events in paper in my local area. Custodi Squire IS available for use in paper, along with many other cards that MTGO players do not have access to. With that being said, there is a bit more to consider with the rules and meta, like addition banned cards like Hymn to Tourach, but not much different.

The debate on how the rules transition from online to paper is one I see a lot of. For paper, since there is no "official" ruling, the rules can vary from one LGS to another. Although, what has become popular within the paper Pauper community is Card Kingdom's "Rags to Riches" series, which has been widely adopted as rules to go by.

I'm looking forward to seeing Pauper expand in paper, it has started to become more popular in my area! Please consider that Chuubii has built this deck with paper in mind. Thanks! (join us on FB: 'RVA Pauper' ;) )

April 11, 2017 9:15 a.m.

Said on Rats...


poGDI I do not play online btw, I am fortunate to have folks around to play in paper. If I did play online, I'd perhaps add a fourth Rotting Rats and a Okiba-Gang Shinobi. It's hard to beat Sinuous Vermin as a curve topper though. All else fails, jam in a couple of Gurmag Anglers.

Thank you! Don't forget to upvote! :)

April 7, 2017 7:18 a.m.



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