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My deck is 60 cards, 21 lands

November 14, 2019 6:21 p.m.

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Ok here my Goblin Deck:

Creatures, Goblins, 22:

4 Goblin Bushwhacker

4 Memnite

4 Signal Pest

2 Goblin Piledriver

2 Goblin Wardriver

2 Goblin Chieftain

2 Goblin Rabblemaster

2 Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin (3 cmc that permanent +1,+1 counter to itself every turn. and when attacks puts out a number of 1/1 goblins equal to uts power), not great by itself, but when its pumped is almost as good as Krenko Mob Boss, but cheaper 3 cmc, FASTER, doesnt TIE up mana like with Mob Boss, so actually better then 4 cmc Mob Boss.


4 Kuldotha Rebirth

4 Mox Opal

4 Goblin Grenade

3 Shrapnel Blast

2 Narset's Reversal


21 lands:

4 SteamVents

1 City of Brass

1 Cavern of Souls

2 Castle Embereth

4 Darksteel Citadel

1 Raging Ravine

Stomping Ground

1,2,3,4 Mountains

2,3,4 Wooded Foothills

2,3,4 Bloodstained Mire .

The general idea of how tgis deck works is:

Get goblins, creatures out FAST:

Either Kuldotha Rebirth either a Mox Opal, or a Memnite turn 1, or 2 memnites, 1 signal pest, or best ia 1 signal pest, 1, 2 memnites, 3 1/1 goblin tokens from rebirth.

Turn 2:

Signal pest, or Wardriver, or Bushwhacker, or Chieftain,or Krenko Kingpin

Turn 3: kingpin, Rabblemaster, Piledriver, Goblin Grwnade

Turn 4: Rabblemaster, Piledriver, Kingpin, Goblin Grenade.

So this gets goblins out fast. Then pumps them up, then Krenko Kingpin, in addition to Kuldotha Rebirth puts out lots goblins that pump up Piledriver, Rabblemaster, STUPIDLY BIG.

So deck goes wide, and stupidly big, and fast, and removes threats, and uses the removal to burn, finiah opponents off.

Also on rare bad draws, can do 15 damage to opponent on turns 3,4 by Goblin Grenade, then Narset Reversal Copy it, for 10 damage then Genade goes back to hand, where I can recast it for 5 more damage for 15 total damage.

This also works great for destroying 10/10, 15/15 tramplers.

So here is a optimal draw, play.

Turn 1: 1,2 Memnites, 2 Mox Opal, use 1 Mox to Rebirth 3 1/1 goblins. 1 signal pest.

Board: 1 Pest, 1,2 Memnites, 3 1/1 goblins, 1 Mox Opal

Turn 2: Chieftain: everything attacks.

Board: 3, 3/2 goblin tokens, 1,2, 2/1 memnites, 1, 3/2 Chieftain. For 16 possible damage.

Turn 3: Kingpin, Pest.

Everything attacks

Kingpin: +1 to 1/2 itself. 2/2. +1 +1 from Chieftan, 3/3, +1 from pest. 4/3. Kingpin makes 4, 1/1 goblins that hasted by Chieftain.

Goblin tokens:

3+4(from Kingpin)=7

7 3/2 goblin tokens.

2, 2/1 memnites

1 3/2 Chieftan

1 4/3 Kingpin

32 max damage possible turn 3.

Turn 4: Piledriver, Wardriver.

Kingpin: +1 to itself, 3/3, +1 +1 from Chief, 4/4, +1 from Pest, 5/4, +1 from pest, 6/4, +1 from Wardriver, 7/4.

Kingpin makes 7, 1/1 goblins hasted, pumped by Chief.

Goblin tokens:

7 + 7 more from kingpin =

14 5/2 goblin tokens, pumped by 2 pest, 1 Wardriver, 1 Chief

1 5/3 Wardriver

1 5/2 chieftain

1 7/4 kingpin

2, 4/1 memnites

2, 2/1 Pest

1 39/3 Piledriver

142 max possible damage turn 4.

November 14, 2019 6:19 p.m.

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  1. If you want to make a awesome goblin deck, that is FAST, you need to be willing to pay $75 to $100 to $150.

$50 against competition that is spending a lot more then that, isnt going to be competitive.

Unless the competition is also budget competition.

  1. You can budget build deck in a way that allows to gradually, eventually budget build up to the $150 deck.

  2. 4 cmc is too much except for maybe 1, 2,3 of a 4 cmc, that is a semi finisher(AKA Krenko Mob Boss)

  3. If going to put a 4 cmc in deck you need a ramp mechanic, either a goblin that produces mana or Mox Opal . While Mox Opals arent cheap, are expensive, you can still have 4 of them in your deck, and still only have your deck costing $150. And of course if you have Opals, in there then going to need artifacts to metalcraft Opal.

  4. I know you like your raid enchantment, and building deck around it, but at 3 cmc, its bad. And here why:

  5. You can achieve the same, better, best results thru PUMP, and there are creatures that Pump. Why do the 3 cmc Raid enchantment when can use those slots for either goblins that pump other goblins,creatures, or for things like Goblin Grenade .

  6. Any good tribal goblin aggro, speed deck will do the following:

  7. Get Goblins, creatures out FAST. Go WIDE, so that cant get blocked, get em thru.

  8. PUMP them up.

  9. Remove threats, related to point 8 about going wide.

  10. Have your removal also do burn to help finish off opponents.

  11. There is little to almost no difference between 22,23 creatures and 30 creatures, in game play terms.

Either way your going to get lots of goblins out, because your going to draw lots of goblins, creature cards.

The difference is that the 21,22,23,24 creature, goblin cards allows you to put non creature things like:

Lightning Bolts, Goblin Grenades, etc.

  1. Your goblin deck doesnt follow the basic guideline, and is not as fast, effective as could be.

  2. My Goblin deck does follow these guidelines, and is effective, and wins on turns 2,3,4. If doesnt win by, on turn 4, at usual latest, then wins turns 5,6 at latest.

Deck can also go midrange, late game with 50/5 Goblins on board on turns 4,5,6,7.

Deck has done a max damage of 429 damage by, on turn 5.

My Goblin deck only cost about $137 mid price(If shop around)

Not saying you have to build your deck exactly same, etc, like my goblin deck, but my deck should ve a good example of the basic guidelines, principles that talking about. And the deck will probably give you help ideas.

I also recommend that you follow at least about 33% to 50% to 67% of my deck, and follow 75% to 75% to 95% of the basic ideas of my deck of getting goblins out fast, pumping them up, removing threats, etc.

My Goblin deck is at another site, but in process of moving it here to this site.

So I will just post whats in deck, etc, in another comment here.

November 14, 2019 4:50 p.m.

Thanks guys

November 9, 2019 4:04 p.m.

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Thats a great plan. I understand what you are trying to do.

Like I said, my deck was, is similar.

I also had Lord of Extinction, Comsuming Abberation, Mortivore in deck.

A few things to keep in mind.

  1. You need to be able to find get that combo out.

A. Tutors

B. Self Mill via Traumatize, other ways, is a great way to get Lord of Extinction in your graveyard for:

C. Mimeoplasm, and Hell's Caretaker working together, combined with Fauna Shaman, Tutors, Birthing Pod, self mill, traumatize, help get out your combo, and back up combo, vmcreatures.

  1. You need back up combos, and back up creatures.

Opponents will find ways of dealing with your primary combo, creatures.

You need bait and switch, pick your poison back up, combos, creatures.

Make them regret making a choice of which what to stop.

If the stop Lord of Extinction, Consuming Aberration, they get to face Phage, Platinum Angel, if they stop that, they get to face Time Elemental Stasis, if they stop that, they get milled, discarded to death, if they stop that, there is a card like Underworld Dreams(Not underworld dreams), that makes it so that they take 1,2 damage for every milled, and or discarded card.

Basically the idea is to CRAM as many WIN CON's into your deck as possible behind your primary, consistent Win Con, without messing up the consistentency of your deck getting oyt a Win Con and winning, and without messing up the consistency of your primary, win con.

And the beautiful thing about your deck type concept, is that you can easily do that, within your deck type, concept, without messing up your deck type, concept.

November 8, 2019 8:23 p.m.

Thanks for the clarifications.

I hope its understandable why I was confused.

But your clarifications clears up the misunderstanding, confusion.


November 8, 2019 8 p.m.

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Here are some of the cards my deck had that might help this deck

  1. Forgot the name of it, but the 6/6, 6 cmc Green Titan that lets you search for 2 lands and put them into play whenever green titan comes into play, an or when it attacks

Ertai Wizard and Ertai, the Corrupted are great counterspellers on creature aticks

Time Elemental + Stasis completely locking down opponent, etc you

Visara the Dreadful is a cheaper(cmc), better then Avatar of Woe.

Phage the Untouchable , is fun.

Platinum Angel is a colorless flying angel creature that makes it so that cant lose the game(A great way to cheat out Phage and not lose the game for doing so.)

Elvish Piper helps cheat out your creatures.

Dont forget your tutors.

Hell's Caretaker . Great way to cheat creatures into play.

November 8, 2019 12:25 a.m.

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I had a deck very similar to this that was stolen from me at a local gamestore.

Surprised this deck hasnt gotten more +1's.

November 7, 2019 11:52 p.m.

Will Livewire Lash or Boar Umbra , stay attached, equipped to [[Inkmoth Nexus, after it becomes a 1/1 flying infector, then becomes a land again, then later becomes a 1/1 flying infector again? Would they stay attached, equipped to Inkmoth Nexus thru all that? Why?

November 7, 2019 11:31 p.m.

I had this same question. I had a Werewolf deck, and another deck, where I wanted to Copy I think it was Green Sun's Zenith , where it had a X cost to tutor search a creature, where I wanted to know if I copied the X cost Green Sun Zenith, if it would get 2 Huntmaster's(if I payed 4 mana as the X cost), instead of 1 Huntmaster.

I asked the rules question here, because the commenters in the deck comments said what the person said in the ACCEPTED answer above.

They said I couldnt copy a X cost.

But 1 of the people who answered my rules question here, in this section, said I could copy a X cost, and that I would get 2 Huntmaster's with a Copied Green Sun's Zenith.

Then a OFFICIAL quote, ruling, citation, etc, one of those 702.... type of things that also said that could copy X cost.

The other card was a Fireball like direct damage spell that had a X cost. I wanted to know if I paid 10 mana into Fireball, doing 9 damage, if I copied it, would it do 9 damage again.

Again I was answered that I could, and that it would do 9 damage again.

And again the 702...type rules citation was quoted.

According to that ruling, it says that quote "The Value of the X cost is copied".

That means if pay 4 mana into green sun zenith as X cost, that copying will get you 2 4 cmc Huntmasters, and that if pay 10 into X cost of Fireball that a copied Fireball will do 10 damage, and that if OP, pays 10 mana into X cost of their Hydra, and that makes a 10/10 Hydra, that when it is copied, the copy will be a 10/10 hydra.

Again whatever is paid into the X cost is copied, according to the 702....type of rule.

I posted the ruling on my decks, because of the disagreement, about it.

I dont have those decks up. I dont remember the rules ruling citation numeral reference.

So I suggest that somebody find the ruling I am talking about and post it here, and that that if found, posted, and if it says what I say it says is made the accepted answer

Because the accepted answer that is currently marked as the accepted answer may be wrong.

A official ruling with a official citation, by a admin here would be very helpful.

November 7, 2019 11:07 p.m.

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Thanks for the help, answer

November 2, 2019 5:04 a.m.

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Can I use generic colorless mana from ANY NON special colorless symbol lands to pay for the 4 cmc proliferate ability of the Karn's Bastion land?


Can I tap 4 basic lands(Mountains, Forest, etc), for 4 generic colorless mana, to pay the 4 cmc cost of the proliferate ability?

My understanding is that if the land has a, the special colorless mana symbol, next to a, the cmc ability on a land, then the answer is no using generic colorless mana.

But if the land has no special colorless symbol next to the cmc ability on the land, then can, could use generic colorless to pay for it.

I have seen lands that have that special colorless symbol next to a cmc ability.

Karn's Bastion land has no special colorless symbol next to its 4 cmc proliferate ability.

So because of that, I can use generic colorless mana from basic lands, etc, to pay for that 4 cmc proliferate ability, right?

Also need the ruling, rules citation, just in case a judge needs it, if use the land, and for deck description, deck comments, etc, in case someone ask, questions, if use land.

Thanks for any help.


November 2, 2019 3:27 a.m.


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