This is a Deck/ Primer for Blue/red/splash red/just barely splashed Green(for Noxious Revival), Thunderous Wrath, Temporal Mastery, Delverish, Thing in the Ice, Test Subject,Jace Mind Sculptor, Scry, Draw, Counterspell, Removal, Control, Burn, etc, Miracle card Deck.

I first built this kind of deck for standard when miracle cards first came out.

Then Modern Format Banned Ponder, Preordain(extremely good for Miracles)

Then I built this Modern Format Miracle deck.

The purpose of the deck is GEARED to FIND, GET, CAST, RECAST Thunderous Wrath, Temporal Mastery Miracle Cards.

Now the cards that are geared to do that are also geared to, thru scry, draw, counterspells, control, to control the game, get out, Flip Thing in the Ice  ,Ludevic's Test Subject  , Civilized Scholar  , Delver.

The deck does that well, and in my humble opinion is one of the best decks of it's kind out of all the decks of it's kind out there on, Tapped Out, The Vault, MTG Salvation, TCG, and is somewhere between a Tier 1.67 at best, to Tier 2 on average, to Tier 2.25 to Tier 2.5 at Worst. The Deck is, should be just barely somewhere between just barely by skin of teeth semi inconsistent, to semi consistent, to consistent at best.

The deck should finish about 9, 10, 11th place at best, to 13, 14, 15th place on average to 16, 17, 18 at worst at a semi competitive modern format FNM tournament. The deck would probably finish about 20th to 40th at a Regional, City, Convention, competitive tournament. About 40th to 80th at a State competitive tournament. About 80 to 160th at a PTQ. About 150 to 300 at a GP, Grand Prix. About 300 to 600 at a Pro Tour. About a 600 to 1200 at a World Championship.

The deck will probably win about 49.999% of its games in tournaments.

The deck will either just barely win 2-1 in 3 game matches, or just barely lose 2-1 in 3 game matches.

The deck is a dark horse, spoiler, rogue deck, that can beat the better, best decks out there, and lose to some of the weaker decks.

Deck Breakdown:

66 cards, 25 lands, a 37.87% land, mana ratio percent.

Some may wonder why deck is over 60 cards, and why mix of 4,3,2,1 of's, instead of 60 cards, 3, 4 of's.

  1. Miracle decks are extremely hard to build. They require a LOT of NECESSARY PARTS, Pieces to run, work, be competitive etc.

  2. Because of point 1 above, it takes more then 60 cards. The trade off in not having the better draw odds, consistency of 60 cards is offset, made up, by having the right cards, right numbers of cards to make the deck more consistently work.

Card Categories, task, functions, roles, concepts, etc:


3 Remand, 2 Serum Visions 2 Opt, 2 Cryptic Command 2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor 3 Desolate Lighthouse 2 Civilized Scholar   2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  


2 Serum Visions, 2 Opt 3 Magma Jet, 2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor 3 Halimar Depths


2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy   2 Civilized Scholar   3 Desolate Lighthouse


3 Remand, 2 Wizard's Retort 2 Cryptic Command


3 Magma Jet, 2 Thunderous Wrath 2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor 2 Cryptic Command 3 Thing in the Ice  

Miracle Cards: 4

2 Thunderous Wrath 2 Temporal Mastery

Burn: 5

3 Magma Jet 2 Thunderous Wrath

Extra Turns: 2

2 Temporal Mastery

Ramp: 2

2 Temporal Mastery

Graveyard/Card Recursion:10

4 Noxious Revival 4 Snapcaster Mage 2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  

Board Wipe:3

3 Thing in the Ice  

Spell Copying:3

1 Dual Casting 1 Pyromancer's Ascension 1 Mirrorpool


3 Thing in the Ice   2 Civilized Scholar   2 Thunderous Wrath 2 Ludevic's Test Subject  


2 Delver, 2 Ludevic's Test Subject   3 Thing in the Ice   2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy   2 Civilized Scholar  

Deck, Card Category, etc, Breakdown, Explanation:

Now what a miracle deck needs is a way to scry stack the deck, and draw a lot, during opponents turn.

2 Opt, 2 Serum Visions, 3 Halimar Depths, 3 Magma Jet, 2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor, do that well.

That's 12 scryer's, and there is 18 draw cards.

Now most decks either have too few scry cards, or too many.

This deck may seem to have too many at 12, but many of the 12 scryer's fulfill other flexible, versatile roles like:

Halimar Depths is a blue mana land, provides blue mana, scrys 3.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor, draws, gets rid of creatures.

Magma Jet removes creatures, burns opponents.

So dont have too many scryers at 12, because they do other things.

Next miracle decks usually have too few, too much draw.

18 draw cards would again be too much if the draw cards didnt do other things other then draw. And the 18 draw cards do other things other then draw.

Next a Miracle deck needs discarders to discard miracles in hand to graveyard.

This deck has 7 draw, discarders. Some might wonder why no Faithless Looting?

The answer is that Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  , is better, as is Civilized Scholar  , as is Desolate Lighthouse

A mistake a lot of miracle decks have is they either run 3, 4 ofs multiple miracle cards, with no way to discard them to graveyard, or run 1, multiple miracle cards as a 1 of, with no discarders, or they run lesser discarders like faithless looting.

The right number of miracle cards is 4,5,6 run as either 2 miracle cards as a 2,3 of or 3 miracle cards as a 2 of, with discarding.

4,5,6 miracle cards makes it likely that still draw into them if have draw, scry help(why draw, scry help is so necessary), while not having them in opening hand, while having discard to discard opening hand miracles. 8,9 to 10,11,12 miracle cards, at 3, 4 ofs are too many miracles. 2,3,4 miracle cards at 1 ofs is too few.

2,3 Thunderous Wrath and 2 Temporal Mastery at 4,5,maybe 6 cards is good, ok.

The next thing Miracle decks need is 3,4 Noxious Revival, and 4 Snapcaster Mage, to fetch, use, cast miracles and other cards, including Noxious Revival.

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy   also helps do that, after it transforms, flips.

Then what the deck needs is control, counterspells. This deck has 7 counterspells, that all except Wizards Retort, do other things besides countering all, any spell, and not just creature spells or just noncreature spells.

Next if opponent sneaks anything into play thru counterspells, there is 12 removal spells: Like Magma Jet, Thunderous Wrath, Cryptic Command Jace, the Mind Sculptor Thing in the Ice  

Also a miracle deck needs Board Wipe:

Thing in the Ice   is a great board wiper when flips. And have Bonfire of the Damned board wiping miracle card in Sideboard as a 3 of.

Now some might ask why not Devastation Tide, or Terminus, as board wipers?

Well one could do that, but not as good because it wipes your own creatures, as well as your opponents.

Bonfire of the Damned is better because it only wipes your opponents creatures, while also hurting your opponent's life total as well.

And Thing in the Ice   when it flips also only wipes your opponent's creatures, and your creatures except your flipped 7/8 flipped thing in Ice.

Also it will bounce snapcaster mage to be able to use it again, which is great.

The next thing a Miracle deck needs is creatures, and a FINISHER.

Thing in the Ice  , Delver, Civilized Scholar  , Ludevic's Test Subject  , and Thunderous Wrath help FINISH, win the game, with the help of all the other cards to help set that up.

The deck has great flow, synergy, interchangeable combos



3 Bonfire of the Damned


2 Naturalize

2 Shatterstorm


2 Melira, Slyvok Outcast


2 Witchbane Orb


2 Surgical Extraction

As I said above, this is at least a semi competitive or better miracle deck, that is a primer example deck of how a miracle deck should probably be built.

That said I am not a know it all, and am open to constructive suggestions, debate, discussion.

That said I may or may not be persuaded or convinced.

That said I am probably not open to wholesale changes.


Also that said anybody is welcome to try to get me to make wholesale changes, if they want to.

That said, please only constructive discussion, debate pertaining to this deck, and please no name calling, insulting.

I plan to deck cycle, feature this deck, post a semi Forum article linking to this deck, about this deck, and about miracle decks, as a Primer for those who want to build the most optimized miracle deck possible.

I think this deck helps do that.

Please feel free to playtest, use deck.

But if do that, please give me the credit, and report results if want to.

Also please +1, like this deck, if you want to, if like this deck.

I think this deck probably deserves to be given somewhere between about 5 to 25 likes, +1's at minimum, to 50 to 75 to 100+, likes, +1's at maybe maximum.

No way should this deck get fewer then, only 1,2,3 likes, +1's

I understand this is a rediculously expensive deck, but that is not to make a supposed best ever tier 1 deck, but just to make miracle a viable, playable, workable, semi competitive, fun, semi consistent, dark horse, rogue, spoiler, etc, deck.

I understand that such rediculously expensive decks can make people, players, not like, +1 the deck.

But if thats the case please dont let the deck price prevent the deck from getting the likes, +1's it might, maybe, probably deserves, etc.

And to those who do, if like, +1 the deck, then thanks for any likes, +1's

I hope ya all like, enjoy, have fun, with this deck, Primer, semi article, etc, and are able to build optimized miracle decks, if want to.



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