Hello, everyone! I'm Angelica, but you can call me "Jelly".

I am a female Magic enthusiast who began in the Theros set early in my Army career. I'm hooked, and I have been playing often since then. I used to play Modern, and then I got into Standard, and now (thanks to my friends) I am here with Commander decks! Thanks to my job, I've played in places from Africa to Virginia, and it's been very fun to learn from everyone.

Random thought: My player 1 and I do like cosplaying as Jace and Liliana, so you may catch us in some random convention.

Funny thing to learn about me: I love making decks and watching over people play them more than actually playing them myself.

The way I build my decks is a kind of feeling in the gut. Sometimes, I pick up a card and go "Oh, hey, this __ would be a great card in a __ deck." And then I make one. Haha, it wouldn't ever be perfect on the first draft, and so I would play, and edit, and play it until it feels like it has good synergy.

As always, I look forward to improvements and comments. I'm still learning to use this website, so please be patient with me learning how to use it!

Catch me on instagram at: Ded_pul25 with some other Magic cosplayers

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Dang, theindigoeffect. The Dockside Extortionist definitely jumped in price. I think for a multiplayer game, he's an auto-include. But dang, $18. :D

January 14, 2020 10:26 p.m.

Alright, now the chat for the infinite combos. I did not forget you, heavyuser and wolfboy193.

I was thinking about why I didn't have the infinite combos in my deck in the first place, mostly for the fact that they aren't tutorable or could die easily. I also remember having a player who had infinite combos, and hated him for it. But I think you guys are right.

It's about time to bring it on. Other cEDH players have infinite combos of some sort, why should mono-red be any less wild? Alright. Expect me to make some changes this weekend to the deck. I'll be playing at the local game shop tonight and see how it goes. Let's do it!

January 10, 2020 9:04 a.m.

Good morning, guys. Sorry for the delayed response, between being back from deployment and Commandfest at DC, it's been a good busy holiday season. I'm currently training in Arizona, so I'll be playing EDH on the West side again.

Profet93, I can attest that Arcane Signet would be better than Coldsteel Heart , mostly for the fact that it comes out untapped. I was using the Coldsteel one because it was a snow artifact, and it was better than it's other two-drop artifact counterparts. I use Lotus Petal to put out my Commander quick, because it costs to come out. Maybe I can find a way to keep both in... I can't justify Ruby Medallion , because half the deck is colorless, which makes it somewhat pointless if I can't use it to play larger cards or abilities.

theindigoeffect, I really like the Dockside Extortionist . The EDH scene has a lot artifact and enchantments in play, and if you play in pods like I do, you'll be way ahead!

Hey, enpc, nice to see you again. I think she's a great planeswalker. I am cautious with how she adds to devotion, but I think her reusable spell ability is useful to bring out wheels again. What would you recommend to be a possible replacement for her?

January 10, 2020 8:22 a.m.




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