Oversold Cemetery, is it a Static Ability?

Asked by SithLord 4 years ago

Oversold Cemetery , if there are 2x of these enchantments on the field, does that mean you may return 2x creatures from your graveyard to your hand instead of just 1x creature?

merrowMania says... Accepted answer #1

First, Oversold Cemetery has a triggered ability

603.1. Triggered abilities have a trigger condition and an effect. They are written as [Trigger condition], [effect], and begin with the word when, whenever, or at. They can also be expressed as [When/Whenever/At] [trigger event], [effect].

Second, assuming you only have 4 creatures in your graveyard, the following happens:two triggers go on the stack (assuming they have different targets)the first trigger resolves, pulling one creature out of your graveyardthen when the second trigger resolves, you have three creatures in your graveyard and do not get your second creature, as you fail to meet the condition of the intervening if clause

603.4. A triggered ability may read When/Whenever/At [trigger event], if [condition], [effect]. When the trigger event occurs, the ability checks whether the stated condition is true. The ability triggers only if it is; otherwise it does nothing. If the ability triggers, it checks the stated condition again as it resolves. If the condition isnt true at that time, the ability is removed from the stack and does nothing. Note that this mirrors the check for legal targets.

November 3, 2014 11:15 p.m.

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