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Slivers hold the Key to Nothingness

Modern Combo RUG (Temur) Sliver



Hello there! This is yet another amazing use for the slivers I thought up. I recently discovered the card Door to Nothingness, and this got me thinking about how to use this in modern. I thought to myself, "Why not slivers?" I also remembered the rather useful card Axebane Guardian, which is the primary method for getting the mana needed to open the door and win. I decided to run with slivers on this one, since they can be very low mana cost, plus I get to use the amazing power of Dormant Sliver.

The basic idea of the deck here is to get out Striking Sliver, Venom Sliver, Galerider Sliver, and use Dormant Sliver to draw them out for the best possible defense. Once they all have defender, simply use Axebane Guardian to use the mana needed to use Door to Nothingness, and win.

I have no idea how well this deck will turn out, and I would like your feedback on how I can make the deck even better. Thanks everyone!



Sliver_God says... #1

It looks super-fun! I might try to fit in Gemhide Sliver as another way to tap Slivers for Mana and to have more Turn-2 Ramp options. Also, maybe try some way to sacrifice Dormant Sliver for those times when you are forced to go on the attack, perhaps Basal Sliver to get you the for Door to Nothingness or even Necrotic Sliver if you want to be slightly more competitive, there are always targets for it! Maybe even Mindlash Sliver for another 1-drop that can help take them off their own discard, artifact removal, or the more uncommon counterspells you sometimes run across in Modern! Really looks like a fun idea, I look forward to seeing what kind of results you get with it, kind-of want to sleeve it up myself for the next Modern night at my LGS!

May 7, 2017 11:02 p.m.

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