there are so many magic cards out there so if anyone have some for the deck i upload that would fit i am grateful or if you just have a fun one you really like and think it doesn't get enough love let me know would love to check it out. i really like building fun decks not necessarily to win. i right now only have 1 of 4 decks that i own that has win conditions. i have a control blue deck, a blue black mill deck, an artifact creature that need a of of work, and my tokens that one being the one i actually win with. i plan to make a while deck around banding because i found hat mechanic unique and kind of cool. the other is i need a red deck so i have at leas one of every color an he red i will probably be a troll deck just to make my friend's lives miserable since hey have a to more money for extravagant cards.

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token swarm

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