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Smash Captain

Commander / EDH rmnevarez93


Finished Decks 1
Prototype Decks 0
Drafts 0
Playing since Mirrodin
Avg. deck rating 2.00
T/O Rank None yet
Helper Rank None yet
Favorite formats Standard, Modern, Pauper, Legacy, Commander / EDH, Oathbreaker
Suppressed formats Brawl, Vintage, Pauper EDH, Canadian Highlander, Highlander, Duel Commander, Leviathan, 1v1 Commander, Limited, Pre-release, Planechase, Archenemy, Vanguard, Penny Dreadful, Heirloom, Hero, Noble, Frontier, Tiny Leaders, Block Constructed, Arena, MTGO, Magic Duels, Custom, Casual, Unformat, Quest Magic RPG, Quest Magic, Unknown
Venues Manaforge Games, A&N Sports Cards, The Dark Side Comics & Games
Last activity 4 years
Joined 7 years
MTGO Username revenantreaper7