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I currently have 7 decks. I have 3 cEDH decks, 2 high power decks, and 2 mid power decks. The 3 cEDH decks are made from the core of my Consult Scepter Thrasios deck (Thrasios & Tymna) and can be swapped around as I please. The deck is primarily Momir Vig Hackball, though I can also switch to Zur Control. The 2 high power decks are Tatyova Control and Chulane Hatebears. The 2 mid-power decks are Thrasios & Kraum Big Mana Helix Pinnacle and Brallin & Shabraz Tokens and Boops.

I am interested in building Ruric Thar for cEDH, Paradox Sisay for Conquest if my group picks the format up, a Pauper deck I haven't decided on, and Amulet Breach for Modern.

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Neurok Stealthsuit is a meta call. I frequently have to fight through Ulvenwald Tracker, Thorn Mammoth, and Rubinia in my high power meta, so it's just there to help me keep those off my back. Because Tatyova/Aesi is a valuable target to kill and steal, it's hard to survive when those are out. If your meta doesn't have anything like that, that's easily the first cut to make. I want to cut it.

I could see Mana Vault and Ancient Tomb (with Tatyova) being useful, but I don't really think they're necessary. Ramping to Aesi quicker is nice, but, again, I'm really not sure how necessary that is. I'd say try it over Neurok Stealthsuit and go from there. Let me know what you think! I definitely am curious about it, though because of how slow and grindy this deck is, I have to wonder if a single-use ritual that constantly burns you is worth it.

1) Aesi is too new for me to judge. I haven't played a single game with this deck since before it was even announced. I've been focused on my Niv-Mizzet combo deck. I wish I could tell you more. I'm really not sure which one is even better in theory, but if your meta is light on interaction, I feel like Aesi is probably your best bet.

2) See above.

Any time! I'm always happy to help other Tatyova/Aesi players!

November 27, 2020 12:07 a.m.

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Thanks for that! I really appreciate it. I'm happy to go over the combos for you! There are only 2, but the deck certainly has other things it can do.

1) Mystic Sanctuary + Land that enters untapped on the board + Lotus Cobra + Ghostly Flicker + Aesi

With Aesi, Lotus Cobra, and enough Islands out to make Mystic Sanctuary enter untapped, this one is easy. Cast Ghostly Flicker and target Mystic Sanctuary and another land. They will flicker. When they come back in, Lotus Cobra generates 2 mana and Mystic Sanctuary targets Ghostly Flicker. Stack it so that Aesi draws it. Tap the 2 lands that flickered, which will give you 4 floating. Spend 3 to cast Ghostly Flicker all over again and keep this process up. You can then win with Jace or by creating infinite zombies with Field of the Dead and swinging for infinite with Finale of Devastation.

2) Ashaya + Quirion Ranger + any creature that doesn't have summoning sickness (can be Aesi)

Ashaya makes all your creatures Forests, so they trigger Aesi when they ETB. Quirion Ranger lets you bounce a Forest to untap target creature. Tap Aesi (Forest) for G, use Quirion Ranger to bounce herself and untap Aesi. Spend that G to cast Quirion Ranger, draw a card, rinse and repeat. This doesn't generate mana beyond what it needs for the combo, but you likely will have enough to cast Lotus Cobra, anyway. Drawing rocks will certainly enable that. Then, Jace.

3) While not a combo, this deck can threaten the board with a lot of zombie tokens. Since it can play so many lands, it's easy to get an army. Finale helps make their attacks hit fast and hard.

4) Also not a combo. This deck's primary defenses against creatures are zombie tokens and Glacial Chasm. Tatyova pulls off Chasm a little better, but the difference is negligible. With Ramunap/Crucible, a way to play at least 2 lands per turn, and Chasm, you're untouchable. Since Chasm requires you to sacrifice a land to play it, you're going to have to so that every turn to prevent paying life for it. That's pretty east, though, and this deck has numerous ways to play multiple lands every turn.

November 26, 2020 8:29 a.m.






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