I'm a simple guy who loves goblins. My first game of mtg was an innistrad draft but I didn't play at all for the following few expansions. I began playing again when dragons of Tarkir came out now I'm hooked. I’ve been making budget commander decks these days.

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I have considered fetchlands and I do think they might give a small advantage but since you often have 2-3 lands you won’t have much of a choice when to crack the fetches most of the time. when you do have a choice when to crack them and you have the snoop it is an advantage for sure I just don’t think that would be too often and as you said fetches are expensive. If you have them though you might as well toss them in and even splash a color for sideboard cards. green or white would be my recommendation there.

if you’re really have trouble with countermagic than I would say your initial thought on cavern of souls is better than vexing shusher. the shusher seems very slow and would honestly slow us down as much as if our spells had been countered. I could be wrong on that one though cause i’ve never played with it.

September 10, 2020 7:41 a.m.

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Cavern of Souls: cannot pay for bolt or grenade. you really need 100% of your lands to tap for red mana or the consistency of the deck is hit hard. not being able to be hit by counter magic isn’t that much of an upside because if the opponent is playing counter magic the matchup is likely already good fo us.

Goblin Chieftain: chieftain costs 3 mana for one card that is super susceptible to removal. the whole premise of the deck is “no lords 8 whack” which means you will always be pumping out damage and not give the opponent one target that can ruin you (the one exception being Goblin Piledriver but it has such a huge upside with way less investment and if it’s removed it’s not the end of the world). if you take Reckless Bushwhacker out of the deck it falls apart. unfortunately that one card choice is not personal preference it’s just too core to the deck. some people do still decide to run chieftain but you cannot take out reckless bushwhacker for it.

Reality Hemorrhage: is in the sideboard for decks that run Kor Firewalker, Burrenton Forge-Tender, and Auriok Champion. because it has devoid it is not red and can kill these creatures.

Shared Animosity: is definitely worth testing 3 mana might be a bit much but the potential of the card is high.

Mogg War Marshal: saying war marshal is 10000x better than Krenkos Comand and Dragon Fodder would be an understatement. you can sac him to grenade without going down a goblin. you can sac him to Skirk Prospector for extra mana he gives Foundry Street Denizen 3 power of the course of the game. It itself is a goblin so you can play it off the top of the library with snoop. It does many other things but these are just a few that spring to mind. you almost never pay the echo and you can just give the summoning sick goblin haste with your bushwhackers.

September 9, 2020 1:02 a.m.


aggro gobbos (8 whack) (mono red)

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