I began my journey with MTG in mid-2011 after a friend introduced me to the game. I began collecting just after the release of M12 and got my first real taste of the game with the release of the Innistrad block. The flavor of this block was captivating and I became completely invested in the game.

While I initially played standard, my brother began dabbling in EDH, eventually convincing me to do the same. The appeal of free-for-all multiplayer games was a big influence and gradually my friends and I shifted over to this format as our preferred format.

I've been playing EDH exclusively for the last 7 years with the occasional standard draft in between. Currently, I have a playgroup consisting of 6 people including myself and around 5-6 other friends who play on a less consistent basis.

I accredit the EDH format with having taught me how to play MTG. If not for this format I would have never developed a nuanced understanding of the game. Secondly, I would like to thank three of my best friends, frozen_iguana96, 4ooorilla, and Danhammertown for having challenged me at this game we share as a hobby and at expanding my understanding of the game.

I also do card alterations, more specifically border extensions and partial alters. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist as I hold myself to a very high standard, striving to preserve the rules text, unless otherwise requested. I intend on posting some of my work and I also do commission work (unfortunately some of my first alterations were gifted to others and I no longer have access to them). DISCLAIMER: I prefer not to paint expensive cards ($60 >) unless they're already damaged.

Thank you for your time and enjoy.


Filthy Grubby Gobbies

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The Grimdark Reign [Primer]

Commander / EDH Uraziel


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