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About quanity vs quality of tokens/creatures in general it depends on what you can get better. I'll explain myselft better, you need to see if you can manage to make a ton of small tokens or if you can manage better to make big ones. In my The Locust God i go on quantity, in my Alela, Artful Provocateur i go on quality. Because compromises between the two strategies don't work well with token decks. Of course you can put some lord effect if you pick quantity and, on the other hand, some multiplier if you pick quality but you need to focus and pick on way and implement that. If you want to go big Icon of Ancestry cards are what you are looking for in the first place, if you want to get many consider Anointed Procession effects. Then again you can combine the two but try to pick one strategy over another.

Another consideration, the tribal decks sometimes fail to get explosive turns unless you have some broken synergy you can pull off. It's more like a building your army slowly but surely most of the times.

That being said, you should consider cutting off some creatures and implement the removal/boardwipe compartment. I get that you may don't want to erase the board completely but you probably don't need so many creatures and basically one-two removals. I'll add at least 2 boardwipes ad have at least 6 target removal spells.

Looking at your Mana curve you need to consider that one-two drops are fine, but you also need to have more impactfull cards on the board when the game goes on. You can chose to be super fast but without some expensive (in terms of mana cost) you will suffer in the late game.

About the card draw, you need more consistent cards that allows you to draw many times. Read the Bones is a one time effect. Look for cards like Phyrexian Arena and similar. You will need at least 5 cards with such effects, to implement if you consistently don't draw enough. That being said the main reason you run out of cards is that your mana curve is very low and you probably manage to cast many cards per turn. The problem here is that i don't believe honestly that many of those creatures are actually impactfull. With tribal decks you may fall in the mistake that a card of the chosen type is always just fine, because you have some synergy here and there. The secret is to take the creature type out of the equation and evaluate the cards on their own first and then inside the deck. For example, a vanilla 2/2 vampire can get to be a 5/5 thanks to lord effects, but without is just a 2/2 doing nothing else nor helping building up your strategy.

I had the same problem with my first attempt to The Scarab God deck where i put in a lot of zombies that in the long term don't do enough. You may have to reconsider some choices in the creature compartment imo.

November 29, 2020 4:20 a.m.

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In my opinion proxies are fine when they are used for cards that a deck essentially needs to work properly, even the commander itself if it is particularly expensive. I personally don't like it when they are used for just good cards that are not essential for the synergy of the deck and there are budget (of course worse) version of them, but i've never made it an argument with people using them this way. For example, i can totally accept an Urza proxy but i sincerely like it less when they are used for a Vampiric Tutor or a Damnation that are not essential and also have budget version recplacement as tutors/boardwipes. It depends on power level. If i were playing at cEDH i would probably not accept them, but that's not my case.

In your case, i would kind of dislike others playing a proxy Mana Drain since there are a lot of counterspells. I would just explain it politely to my playgroup if i were you but i would not turn it into an argument.

Talk with your playgroup again. Sometimes it fails because people have their own ideas and won't change.

Also i'll just add my two cents about power levels, which are the whole point of wanting to play a proxy counterspell and such cards that you don't need for your deck to work in the first place. There are a lot of people, also on youtube like the command zone guys, that talk like you need a Teferi's Protection in order to make your deck work. Because if a very good card exists in the first place you need to get a copy to actually play well the game. This is totally false. There are plenty of unnecessary expensive cards that you can do without and not having your game experience ruined. If a guy pulls off a Mana Drain in response to one of my spells i don't think that i may be losing because he has one, because it does what a Counterspell does, better of course but it's not like i wouldn't be playing the same game if the next turn i counterspell one of his. So, then again, the point is: do i really need an expensive card to make my deck work, or it's just that i want the best cards?

Last thing: I don't get people that have fun to stomp other deck thanks to a couple of very good card they actually don't own. It's the kind of thing that you think are super fun but after a couple of times those victories becomes more and more shallow. So i would let them be, they'll get tired pretty soon. If not follow your own phylosophy, if to you is fine to play them do that as well, if not continue not playing them.

November 29, 2020 3:44 a.m.

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seshiro_of_the_orochi let me tell you, i need to compliment you for the Sen Triplets/ Team Rocket parallelism. It matches so perfectly.

November 21, 2020 2:13 p.m.

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About the last comment of marco-piatti it was me using by mistake my brother's accunt.

November 15, 2020 6:51 a.m.

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Hello everyone, The Commander i am more excited about, among the new ones from Commander Legends, is probably Blim, Comedic Genius. I love its design and the idea to give others bad gifts. However my concern is that a deck like this may be very poorly received by the other players. I've already talked about the possibility of me building a deck around him to my playgroup and they weren't annoyed because it wouldn't be a OP deck that would lock games or win quickly. My fear is that they don't realize how annoying the deck could be.

However, i want to know your take on the situation.. Would you build a deck that may result being super annoying for others to play against?

November 14, 2020 6:19 p.m.


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