Just some random casual player.

Started playing long ago, ICE, then took a break until Mirrodin when my friends restarted the fire. It didn't last long though, and I'm always having like a roller-coaster relationship with MtG. I started seriously playing EDH when they released the monocolored series. I had already toyed a bit with the preconstructed Jeleva decklist sometime before that, but it never caught much my attention as an actual funny multiplayer format. I must admit we were just playing casually with my friends at the kitchen table with stupid decks not meant to work during long nights of procrastination at that time haha. There, I was and have always been that guy in my group that most of the time only plays black, no matter what, and don't really mind about the other colors. Ob Nixilis preconstructed, Sworn to Darkness, was the first MtG product I ever was incredibly hyped about. Then, I corrupted my playgroup and we're now addicted to EDH. Yaya. End.

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[EDH] Let's Spread the Plague

Commander / EDH ShreddedByCrows


[EDH] Paracletvs

Commander / EDH ShreddedByCrows

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