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I have been playing since about Fall of 2014 and played casual, dabbled in modern and frontier and wound up in EDH and (a bit of pauper).

I love to play multiplayer EDH for both the strategy and the politics. I am a Spike - Johnny. Love to win but trying new things, breaking unusual cards, and trying to find challenges to freshen up metas. I prefer control first and foremost because I think politics is used the strongest here. However, I am down for just about any playstyle if it is funky and can win.

Have no problem with people proxing. Being broke is a thing and shouldn't excuse you from having fun in something you love. however being rude or not nice is not looked upon heavily. Would rather play against someone friendly or chill with a land destruction deck, then someone who is rude and has a battlecruiser deck.

I play casually but try to make optimal plays and try to engage in players about optimal plays they should or didnt do. Everyone has the most fun when people are on the same level. I beleive we should help others rise if they are willing to.

Favorite MTG color is Blue Favorite Guild: Dimir (Gruul is second) Favorite Clan : Sultai or Temur

Least favorite color: White

My first ever deck was some jank slivers which have since held my heart as my favorite tribe (kudos to Priest09).

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