Thoughts/Options for a Commander Legends set cube

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Posted on Jan. 12, 2021, 9 p.m. by PIayswithFlRE

Current plan for the cube is

Basically, I bought a box of Commander Legends, got tired of waiting for the pandemic to end, so I could safely have people to draft it, cracked the packs, saw I had very few duplicates and decided to see if I could put together/sell parts of the box and two Commander 2016 precons that had been sitting on a shelf forever and turn it into a cube.

It's currently

  • 2 of each common, plus 30 random-ish cards to bring it up to 312 (2 of each thriving land, 5 prismatic pipers and some encore, monarch and cascade cards)
  • 1 of each uncommon
  • 1 of each rare, except the dual lands (cost and just not the most exciting rare), opposition agent and hullbreecher (cost and playstyle)
  • smaller selection of non-reprint mythics (mainly due to cost)
  • the dual-color partners and the 3 color reprinted legendaries in the foil slot
    • yeah, some are pricy, but the legendaries are kind of the point to me

Mainly trying to decide:

  • should I keep it this size (540) and, if so, are the 30 filler commons I have the best options?
  • should I just go with 3 of each common and round it out to a 660 card cube by adding either
    • four prismatic pipers and set of thriving land
    • add 9 more rares/mythics

But open to basically any suggestions/feedback

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