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Posted on Aug. 3, 2022, 10:24 a.m. by SoulTrasher626

I came up with 3 commanders for the 3 decks I play. I'm just unsure if they're too strong or something. I just send them in and hope you can help me.


The first is a vampire clan leader from the north who gathers the strongest of the strong to hunt down humanoids like monsters when they threaten the balance of the world.


Vincent, Jarl of Fjalir

Legendary Creature - Vampire Barbarian

First strike, haste

Other Legendary spells you cast cost less to cast.

At the beginning of each upkeep, put a bounty counter on target opponent.

Whenever a legendary creature you control deals combat damage to a player with a bounty counter, you may remove a bounty counter from them. If you do, target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to that player.



The second is a vampire rogue who runs a thieves guild and is like a spy who tries to get hold of every secret to use for herself.


Amy, the Black Raven

Legendary Creature - Vampire Rogue


Rogue spells you cast cost less to cast for each time a creature you control connived this turn.

Whenever one or more Rogues you control deals combat damage to a player, target creature you control connives X, where X is the number of Rogues you control that dealt combat damage this turn.



The last is a vampire lord who has absorbed the demons of his world and is now using this power of hell to turn the world into a theater of war.


Valdis, God of Mayhem

Legendary Creature - Vampire God

If five or more attacking creatures died this turn, put Valdis, God of Mayhem from your command zone on the battlefield.

First strike, trample

At the beginning of combat on your turn, Demons, Devils, Imps, and Tieflings you control get +5/+5 until end of turn.



TypicalTimmy says... #2

Vincent sounds super fun and ripe for politics!

Amy sounds like she could be a blast with a ton of unlockable potential. Maybe shift from Rogue to Ninja for Ninjutsu?

Valdis would be very easy to break in a 1/1 Goblin token deck. Make a few tokens, attack, sac to some outlet, drop your Commander for free. Might need to be balanced.

August 4, 2022 2:57 a.m.

I -really- like where you’re going with the Valdis card. Perhaps you would be able to address the concerns (correctly) raised by TypicalTimmy by maybe making it a “total toughness died in combat,” gotta reach the proper gore-threshold to drag him out! Adding this trigger-like situation to all combats adds a really fun aspect to the game, one that the players are still pretty much in control of (sweepers won’t trigger) while sticking close to theme. I’m a big fan of this one.

August 5, 2022 10:08 a.m.

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