How to Trade Cards on the Site

You can trade MTG cards through TappedOut, but not until you’ve been a site user for at least 60 days. Users should know that while trading on TappedOut is an option, the TappedOut community isn’t known for being a trade community. Professional traders or people who solely want to trade won't find themselves catered to.

If you choose to trade cards on the site, you trade at your own risk. TappedOut is in no way responsible for trades between users. We aren’t responsible for reimbursing you for any loss of cards that results from trading on TappedOut.

Getting Started

The first step of trading on TappedOut starts with updating your trade binder. You can find your binder by clicking on the folder icon in the navigation bar at the top of the site. The folder icon links you to Inventory, and within Inventory, you’ll find a button that says Binder.

This button takes you to your MTG Trade Binder. From here, you’ll be able to create a description for your binder, edit settings, and list the cards you want and cards you have.

Your binder description is where you can list any special cards you have and the specific cards you want. You can also list any preferences you may have.

Your binder inventory should be kept up to date. If you’re not interested in trading for a period of time you can always make your binder private until you are ready to trade again.

Keeping your want list up to date helps other users know what kinds of cards you’re looking for. One cool feature of the trade binder is that the Acquire Boards of your decks will automatically sync with the Want List in your binder. You can also update your want list using need quantity syntax.

Setting Up a Trade

Once your binder is all set up, and you’re ready to start looking for trades. If you’re looking for a specific card, one way to go about it is to find the card on TappedOut. Once you’ve navigated to the card detail page, look on the left-hand side to see if there is a section that says Trade. If there are users that have listed this card in their trade binder, the Trade section will be visible. Under Trade, you will find a list of users who have this card listed as a card they own that they are willing to trade. You can initiate a trade request via their trade binder.

You can also check the Trade Matches section of your binder. This is a directory of users looking for the cards you have. This doesn’t mean that those users have anything that is listed on your want list. Another way you can seek trades is by creating a thread in The Trading Post forum. Include a brief description of what you’re looking for and what you have to offer.

Before you reach out to a potential trade partner, you should do a little digging. Check out the Trade section of their binder. The more trades the user has with other trusted and reputable users, the more likely the trade is a safe one. You can contact this user’s former trade partners to see how the trades went. You can also reference the user’s history on the site and scope out some of the former posts and try to gauge their reputation.

When offering a user a trade, you should include the prices of cards you are looking to trade (and the source of those prices).

Trade Guidelines

The #1 rule of trading on TappedOut is that you should never trade what you can’t lose. Accidents happen. You could get ripped off, or the cards could truly get lost in the mail. Things can happen. If you aren't confident in the person you're dealing with -- don't do it. No trust, no trade! People who create an account only to trade on TappedOut should be suspect. Beware.

Maintain professionalism from start to finish. Be respectful and courteous. Try to be flexible. Don’t rush the trade or try to force anyone into anything. Ideally, both parties should be happy with every trade.

Communicate card conditions. If the card is in mint or near mint condition, let the user know. If the card isn’t, it’s important to communicate that.

Once you’ve set up a trade and you go to mail the card(s), make sure you always get delivery confirmation. ALWAYS send it to the other person within 24 hours. NO EXCUSES.

If something happens with a trade, don’t spill drama onto TappedOut. Trade drama is not allowed. YOU MAY ONLY TALK TRADES ON THE BINDER PAGE. If you get ripped off, you will be angry, but don't spam your anger on the site. Be polite and explain what happened on that user's binder page.