MTG Draft Simulator

The MTG Draft Simulator is a good way to practice your drafting skills. You may draft with bots, other people, or a mix.


When you enter the draft simulator you will be entered into the Global Draft Chat where you can coordinate a draft with other people using the simulator. On the main page you will see 3 columns. On the left are drafts which haven't yet begun and you can join. In the center are ongoing drafts which you can spectate. On the right are recently finished drafts.

You may join an open draft on the left or click 'Host draft' on the top right of the page to enter a draft.


You and the rest of the players are assigned a seat and open a pack. On your left you will see a list of the cards in your pack. Clicking on one of those cards will pull that card into your picks and your pack will go to the next seat. At this point you wait until your next pack is passed to you. This goes on just like a normal MTG draft.


When you pick a card it will appear in the center of the page. You will see a few options: 'Deck','Money','Junk','Hate', 'Sideboard'. These correspond to where you think this card will fit into the draft deck you are constructing. Clicking on one of these options will throw the card into a category at the bottom of the page. You may re-sort your picks at any time by clicking the 'Un' button next to the card at the bottom.


Every draft has an idle time of 3 minutes. If a player doesn't make a pick in 3 minutes, they will be dropped from the game. If you get disconnected this way, you may view the draft page and click on the 'Reclaim seat' message to re-join the game. Picks by dropped players are done according to official Wizards rules: a random card will be taken from the pack by the missing player's seat.


Bots are somewhat intelligent. They make very good choices and they develop a color theme on their own. Sometimes they do make silly choices, but they're just bots! Humans are the best draft buddies.


After you are done with your draft you may reload the page to generate a deck based on your draft picks (or any other seat). Simply look for the 'Generate Deck' form. This will create a normal deck on complete with charts, etc.

People often ask if you can play each other online with your deck on The answer is no. But you can playtest or draw sample hands from it. You may also export the deck for use in MTGO, or other applications.

Chat bugs

Sometimes you don't get a typing box when you load the chat. Please reload until you can type. Its a known bug!

Further help

If you need anything else, please feel free to ask the other players in the draft simulator or start a thread in our forum. Enjoy!