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I enjoy playing magic. Currently trying to play more competitive modern and acquire cards for it. I started playing back in 2004, quit for many years, then picked it back up in 2012.

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I like westvale abbey as a one of. Being a one-of, it's extremely unlikely to be your only land in your opening hand. If it is, you can take a mulligan. Even if you have a mana dork, a forest, and westvale, you can still t2 elvish archdruid. And if you have no mana dork T1, you can still put in dwynen's elite (awesome if you played a t1 heritage druid) or elvish visionary. So really the only risk in it is if it is the ONLY land in your opening hand. On the flipside, the payoff is enormous. Opponents who don't run board wipes main board will side board them in when playing against elves. With westvale abbey, instead of losing your entire board state, which is devastating to the elves player, you tap them and trade them in for a 9/7 flying indestructible lifelink haste in response to the wipe. Also, at any point your opponent is at 9 life or below, and you notice they're tapped out, he can end the game on the spot. I can tell you that in my experience, I have never lost a game because of westvale abbey, but I have stolen multiple games that I would have otherwise lost because of it. I actually haven't updated this page in a while, but I am no longer running nykthos, but am still running westvale abbey. A lot of people are against it, but it has tested favorably for me.

As far as Wilt-leaf liege goes, I always sideboard him in when I'm playing against any deck that runs discard spells. Jund shadow, Abzan midrange, Jund midrange, 8 rack, and pretty much anything that runs multiple copies of Liliana of the Veil. The fact is that you can easily play out your hand by T3 with an elves deck. If they play a thoughtseize and you only have wilt-leaf liege in hand, they have to take it, and you gained yourself a free 4/4 lord as well as card advantage over your opponent. Even if you don't find yourself in a situation where your opponent is making you discard him, with elves you can easily hard cast him simply for the 4/4 body and to buff your other elves, so even when he's not doing what you intended, he's still very useful.

June 22, 2017 11:46 p.m.

What exactly are you looking for? I have Iona, Archangel Avacyn, Avacyn angel of hope, baneslayer angel, and some more, but I have to look through. Let me know anything specifically that you're looking for and I'll dig around to see if I have it.

June 13, 2017 6:16 p.m.






Necromantic Evolution (featuring Obliterator)

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