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I've been working on a book containing everything there is to know about MTG since about 2012.

It was fun to make and lately i've made a complete new design for the rulebook.The latest version of the document is available over here.

The document is available in Word and PDF format and average about 127 pages.It is as big as 300 megs because of the pictures.

It was made as an image of the Basic Rulebook offered by MTG. As a comparaison, the M14 Rulebook has 36 pages.

Here is a quick overview of the document:

Section 1: The Basics

1.1 Five Colors Mana

1.2 Parts Of A Card

1.3 Card Types

1.4 Game Zones

Section 2: The Building Blocks

2.1 Making Mana

2.2 Spells

2.3 Abilities

2.4 Attacking And Blocking

Section 3: Playing A Game

3.1 Get A Deck

3.2 Protect Your Cards

3.3 Get A Friend

3.4 Start The Game

3.5 Shuffling Your Cards

3.6 Part Of The Turn

3.7 The Next Turn

3.8 The Ever-Changing Game

3.9 The Golden Rule

Section 4: Building Your Own Deck

4.1 Deck Archetypes

4.2 Choose Colors Wisely

4.3 Name Your Deck

Section 5: Different Ways To Play

5.1 Formats

5.2 Sanctioned Constructed

5.3 Sanctioned Limited

5.4 Sanctioned Multiplayer

5.5 Casual Constructed

5.6 Casual Limited

5.7 Casual Multiplayer

5.8 Casual Variant

5.9 Other Casual Formats

Section 6: Glossary

6.1 General

6.2 Ability Words

6.3 Keyword Abilities

6.4 Keyword Actions

Section 7: Sets

Section 8: The Storyline

8.1 Our Own Universe

8.2 The Multiverse

8.3 The Planets

Section 9: Banned And Restricted

Section 10: Questions?

Section 11: Rulebook Credit

Section 12: Notes

If you have any comments, suggestion or remark, feel free to leave it in the forum.

Enjoy the reading!

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