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Goodness, The7thBobba, I'm still kinda new. This deck looks savage with a lot of card synergy, but seems like it won't have an issue with consistency like the "This deck is leaking worse than Cytheria" that you made (Such a fun deck though, mate.) The curve looks good too, which helps the consistency.

You might already know this, but I really like having more than 20 lands. 20 lands really bothers me and I feel like it's going to have the same issue here. It's also worth noting you rarely run dual lands? Why's that? Typically they come in just fine if you already control a normal land, and they'll come in tapped if you draw them first turn, which is okay because you don't have a lot of one drops to really concern yourself with and the potential for options on the next turn with dual drops. I dunno. I'm still very very new to deck building, especially on land base, but in my opinion, a good land base is unbelievably important to any deck value.

Worth noting, I have bought the cards for two of your decks, and I can personally say you're a better deck builder than I am at the moment. That Artifact deck is awesome...when you draw Liquimetal Coating, and the above mentioned deck featuring landfall is just unfair in multiplayer, managed to win a five-way match against "meta-decks" just by drawing my deck in a single turn. Oh dear, this deck advice has evolved into being a kiss-ass. Eh, oh well. Maybe look into modifying your lands a bit, or not. Your choice.

With Regards, iAlchemist.

April 21, 2017 12:56 a.m.

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The7thBobba, Thank you for the feedback so quickly!

To begin, when I was designing this deck I was initially going to opt in for blue with a higher emphasis on card draw, but I switched over to red when I realized it just had some good cheap damage with scry. My mentality was that I could use those cheap red cards to provide some scry advantage while also shutting down cheap creatures that my opponent plays. I figured the red additions would provide a sort of "tech option" since there isn't much card draw present in the deck, and I would rather use my major removal cards like Swords to Plowshares on bigger more threatening minions.

I really like Laquatus's Champion (The fact that the card isn't spelled Laquatus' Champion bothers me thoroughly) in this deck as the sort of "giant value beatstick" but I think it is really worth noting how sticky it is. Since this deck runs very, VERY few permanents, the ones in the deck are huge targets for removal. Luminate Primordial is an absolutely sick drop, but I think it would be removed very quickly. The champion is a threat that sticks around and provides some excellent burn when he's played and likely when he dies. Here's a combo to get your appetite wet.

Using Laquatus's Champion in the extra late game with Tainted Remedy in play could create some interesting plays. Firstly, you could kill it with your own removal, regenerate it, and kill it again for some insane burn. It would start at 6 damage, then die, deal 6 more, and then come back and deal 6 more. If that wasn't enough, you could potentially False Cure the 6 health heal and turn it into a 12 health burn, bringing the damage up to 24 in a single turn...I like that a lot.

Healing Hands will certainly replace Chaplain's Blessing, I had spent a short amount of time searching for cards to replace it, and I considered Rest for the Weary before, but I honestly forgot about it. I prefer healing hands because of the nice draw, which I think this deck could use more of.

Hope you enjoyed the short novel, with regards, Alch.

April 15, 2017 3:42 a.m.

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Pssst, Bobba, mind taking a look at one of my control decks? It's my first attempt at deck building.

April 15, 2017 1:20 a.m.




Give and Take (Anti-Cure Control Deck)

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