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I stopped playing for a long time. Recently came back during Return to Ravnica block.

Plays mostly on modern format with black as my primary color of choice.

I do however also play with standard decks because not a lot of people play modern in my area.

Epochalyptik says... #1

In the future, please ask unrelated questions in separate threads.

April 3, 2017 11:26 a.m.

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Small Pox And that is all I can say

April 4, 2017 10:28 p.m.

My opponent controls The Rack and I control Necrogen Mists

Both trigger at the beginning of the upkeep, which one goes on the stack first?

Do I use time stamp for this scenario?

Does an indestructible planeswalker still loose a loyalty counter even if an effect makes it indestructible? ie Soul of New Phyrexia

April 3, 2017 9:21 a.m.


To the Grave and Back

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