I am relatively new to magic compared to everyone that I know that plays. Almost all of decks have black in them but I am starting to really like white and green. My friends got me into magic by playing to win always and although it was casual, it was always competitive in our play groups to the point that pulling an infinite was common place. I wouldn't say that I specifically know how to make really good decks but I like to make decks that I think I would like to play, try them out on xmage, then maybe buy the cards I need to make it. I believe magic is fun and should be played for fun meaning it is alright to lose every once and a while. If you like any of my decks or have any suggestions please let me know, my favorite game type is commander and that is where I build most of my decks.

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BW Allies ($10-$30)

Standard cncfan


Immortal Creations

Commander / EDH* cncfan


The Final Empire

Commander / EDH cncfan

SCORE: 1 | 203 VIEWS

The Thrax Tax

Commander / EDH cncfan

SCORE: 1 | 116 VIEWS

Zombie Apocalypse

Commander / EDH cncfan

SCORE: 2 | 145 VIEWS

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