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Nice, thank you. I personally am afraid of dump cards because I fear to run out of Basic Lands and then I litteraly have no chance. Also, Boundless Realms and Traverse the Outlands are expensive.

Goblin Bombardment could be a great alternative to Carnage Altar since I already have a ton of carddraw. But I usually "sacrifice" my creatures by attacking person A. As soon as I can (usually next turn, I am not in a hurry) I just attack. If it is being jumpblocked? One creature less. If it is being blocked to death? Bolt. If it goes through? 5 damage. It works, but it can be more efficient. However, I don't want the deck to be too powerful.

Maybe I can swap Obliterate for Chain Reaction since X=5 is enough. That might be a good idea.

Anyways, thanks for the tips!

July 12, 2019 1:26 p.m.

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I know that. I prefer persistent effects (e. g. Parallel Lives) over overwhelming one-shots (e. g. Second Harvest), but then my opponents have a lot of time to respond. Omnath-Decks in general are always scary and mine in perticular screams "I AM DANGEROUS". Its Powerlevel is 7, but it feels like an 8.

I just added it. It is called "Omnath, Landdawn"

July 12, 2019 8:45 a.m.

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I found out that the fastest way to get Omnath out is to add cheap ramp creatures like Sakura-Tribe Elder. Also, then you have something to do in the first 5 turns (before I added them I was sitting there and waiting for Omnath to hit the field. Rather boring)

July 11, 2019 6:33 p.m.


Omnath, Landdawn

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