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I have played with the Bola’s Citadel and you are right about how to avoid lands using in conjunction with top, But in my personal experience with it, it slows the deck down. It’s all the extra life lost while your divine top drawing losing 1 additional life every time you hit land. It also has the tendency to make you lose 2 zero drop rocks off the top draw your Mox diamond and your chrome Mox. Overall super fun card to play, can definitely have fun with it in casual, but as far as the most competitive card I seen in the new war of the spark set for this deck was the Blast Zone land do to its ability to get rid of Stoney Silence null rod and any other anti tutor or stax card that might be affecting your chance to storm off. Great question thank you for asking.

May 16, 2019 6:29 p.m.

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You force your opponent(s) to interact early or take the guaranteed loss. If you get your Ad Nauseam countered early you proceed to play from your graveyard. You always need to be aware of the players with untapped blue mana. If your trying to play conservative around counters, use your duress to rip out any counter from opposing players hand.

I play it by trying to tutor for ad Nauseam turn 1 or 2 cast turn 2 or 3. If your trying to be more conservative once again you can cast Ad Nauseam at instant speed so your black mana untaps on your turn.

This deck will generate you mana from nothing after you cast Ad Nauseam using 0 drop rocks and mana rituals as well as sack creature gain mana cards. Get to 5 mana cast a paradox engine or a skirge familiar and your literary off to the races. Choose your finishing moves next. Tutor up or play your Aether flux to storm off or maybe keep it simple to cut time down and drop a Rings / Basalt combo to create infinite colorless and kill with a walking ballista or Exsanguinate. The choice is yours.

No deck is supposed to win 100 percent. Weak against Stoney silence, null rods, rule of laws, stranglehold etc. I win 50 percent against the most competitive players in My state using this deck during competitive night gaming in 4 man pods. I win a whopping 75 plus percent at another game shops weekly competitive tournament. Both weakly tournaments give you the chance to play 3 games. This deck has been play tested 1000 plus times and brings a unique situation to any meta, it MUST BE ANSWERED early or opponents lose.

Keep in mind your life total is your most precious resource. If your knocked below 27-30 life total dig for infinite mana combo instead of trying to cast Ad Nauseam.

May 10, 2019 9:47 p.m.


A Perfect Storm

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