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Hi Shoshy, look at me, I'm on a website. I live inside a computer now!!!! I've come to ruin your day and criticize your deck. I have all the criticisms. Everyone tells me my criticisms are the best. Otay let's get started..................................

You don't have enough counterspells, please have more. At least 10 more. 8 person pod, only like, 12 counterspells or however many you got. No, I object, I will fight your deck. Put in more. Or don't, you live your life.

Secondondondly... More instants in general. Vial Smasher of whatever triggers for the first spell every turn, opponents too, ladyface. So put in like a million instants so you can trigger him each turn, then he'll be triggered, and everyone will be triggered, and you'll have no friends afterwards. That's why people play commander, to be lonely in the wake of a 5 hour throat slitting magic extravaganza.

Otay I hope that my genius ideas help, cause I am so smart. have nice day. I see you for magic in future.

August 14, 2017 10:54 a.m.


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