Sinrad Deckling

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Hey i have been trying out this deck on mtgo just to see played and won 10/14.i made some changes mostly to the lands, running 4 ramunap ruins, 4 sunscorched deserts and 2 highland lake (i didn't have money for spirebluff). Other than that i ran the same list as you. my sideboard was 2spell pierce, 2essence scatter, 2 negate, 3 tormenting voice, 2 vance' blasting cannons and lastly i ended up adding 4 fiery cannonade. now the reason for this was that i found the match up vs. w or w/b tokens really really hard basicly almost unplayable, (3 of my 4 L was against tokens). I am considering if i should run blazing volley instead. Over all i would say for the price this deck packs a punch, and it is pretty fun to play with, so well done.

October 8, 2017 6:32 a.m.


Izzet Volt Burn (budget(7tix-ish))

Standard Sinrad


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