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I come up with ideas every now and again, when that happens, I cook up a deck, and I giggle giddily.

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Those who gang up on sliver decks have had historical reasons to do so, friends pressure, getting stomped by a hive themselves, or in my case, being introduced to the game of MTG via getting to play a sliver deck.

We swarm against it because we respect the power that slivers brings to the table. So long as you don't treat the sudden archenemy status that you earn as unwarrented, the hate will only last a game or two.

Also sorry for bein sarcastic an dickish >3>; I think the goal was to give off some of the anti-slivers sentiment, but it came out wrong, an made me uncomfortable, an made me obsess about the thread for far too long D:<

Good luck terrorizing the board-state Dutch. Think I'll lurk elsewhere.

May 24, 2017 2:44 a.m.

Just re-read Ulasht, Nix Keen sense, sorry about that... They're not as similar as I thought... -sigh-

See what I get for lumping Ulasht together with marath, I forget to read cards...

May 15, 2017 6:24 a.m.

Ulasht has more of a token focus than Marath does, seeing as Ulasht grows with creatures and Marath just grows the more times he dies. That said, you can make an Ulasht deck, splash white for Marath and everything will still be happy. Enough of that though.

A bit of help from a Marath player running Primal surge, who basically had the same draw problem you did.

Keen Sense

It's like harmonize, that's as big as your commander is, and does that much damage to target player.

Also, to the comment about not having responses to indestructible creatures: Fack that soul-scar mage shiz, pick up a Sword of Kaldra, and start running an equipment package.

(For another few things to add into an equipment package: Basilisk Collar, and Illusionist's Bracers.)

Actually since I'm bringing up deathtouch, Nightshade Peddler is great too.

May 15, 2017 6:22 a.m.

Said on Firing Squad...


My favorite tech doesn't quite work with what you've got at the moment, sadly. Shocker and Barbed Shocker don't need combat damage, so quicksilver dagger, and Power of Fire turn them into targeted wheel effects. Great for cycling through dead cards.

Something more on theme, for those pesky indestructible creatures, is Sword of Kaldra, Avacyn won't know what hit her.

Sharpshooter doesn't like the deal though, so it's worth remembering.

May 12, 2017 5:48 p.m.

Firewake Sliver in,Blur Sliver out.I don't know how you sliver people constantly miss it, but it helps my suggestion count at least.

May 9, 2017 5:05 p.m.

While it's less effective in this deck, given the towering mana costs that you have for these creatures, my favorite Naya all-star is still worth consideration.Skyshroud Elf. The strictly better Druid of the Anima, mana fixing out of green into the full naya compliment, and still tapping for one mana.

May 9, 2017 4:57 p.m.


Marath, X Cost King.

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