I'm a regular player and am semicompetitive. I enter local tournaments but I am in it for the fun above all else. I prefer trading and pulling my cards as opposed to directly buying individual cards but if I have a vision for a deck in mind I will do it. I tend toward more aggressive decks, humans in particular. My standard deck is usually a variant of Boros Aggro and my favorite standard deck was Boros Humans. You can find it, now tagged as a casual deck, as Faith, Fire, and Steel. In Modern I currently run and love Modern Death and Taxes which you can find as Nihil Morte Certius. I am always going back and forth over EDH decks as I can usually only maintain one at any given time but want to have so many. Also I was the one who noticed that Death and Taxes wasn't a hub and suggested it be one so I contributed something at one point haha. I am Red/White
I am Red/White

I'm both chaotic and orderly. I value my own principles, and am willing to go to extreme lengths to enforce them, often trampling on the very same principles in the process. At best, I'm heroic and principled; at worst, I'm hypocritical and disorderly.


Nihil Morte Certius

Modern PaladinRyan


Faith, Fire, and Steel

Casual PaladinRyan

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