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I have looked into visions of beyond which i agree would be excellent for card draw, it's just hard to find a spot to fit it in the deck. I'll certainly play test with trying to work it in. One thing I have found though is by the time id get 20 cards in the grave if i have fraying sanity out they're usually decked either that turn or the next. If I don't have sanity I've usually milled them enough that if I hit a snaocaster it's pretty much game. I'll test it though, maybe look into siding the fatal pushes perhaps. Thanks for the suggestion!

August 15, 2017 12:57 p.m.

You should run deaths shadow. Get him in the grave and when you use mimeoplasms ability and exile him you get 13 +1/+1 counters since his base power is 13. All for one black mana, worth it!

August 7, 2017 4:27 p.m.


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