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Hey Daedalus19876! I hope you're doing well! No worries, life happens and such.

Anyways, personally I love the new Guilds set. So much so that I'm trying to put together a standard deck again (I haven't been keeping up with standard since the first Amonkhet set, sadly). Also there's no denying that there's phenomenal additions to edh, like Assassin's Trophy. That said, I saw very few cards that would be worthwhile to this deck. I'm just gonna assume that there'll be better game with the next set and Orzhov will shine once more.

Anywho, like lickitypikity suggested, Divine Visitation would definitely add some punch.

Another card that you might consider is Ritual of Soot. It's a little more limited than other board wipes, but it does leave Elenda unaffected. Great for token and weenie decks though!

Alternatively, there is Citywide Bust. It'll more than likely hit Elenda as well if she's powered up, but it's only 3 CMC.

Mausoleum Secrets is an interesting tutor card, and one I think is worth mentioning.

Honorable mentions:

Plaguecrafter. Maybe it can be a cheaper alternative to Barter in Blood?

Dawn of Hope. I know life gain is not that big in this deck but there should be enough there to make consistent use of the card draw. Plus it makes tokens so it's not completely useless otherwise.

As usual, I hope this helps some!

October 9, 2018 12:11 a.m.


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