I am 34 and just started playing Magic the Gathering on the release of Ultimate Masters (12/7/18). Although it was not technically my first ever draft. I did draft once when living in Ann Arbor in 2013 but no one explained anything to me and people were rude, I left after one match.

I draft weekly and play Commander weekly - both on my days off. I sold my standard deck I built to be able to buy some upgrades for EDH.

I started with the Inalla pre-con as a gift from my brother for Christmas in 2018. That got me going with Commander. Unsatisfied with the pre-con, he loaned me an Edgar Markov deck. I also was not very satisfied with that either, so I looked into Sultai, specifically Tasigur. I could not spend what I needed to so I built my Scarab God deck and here we are. My pilot launch for Scarab God was 3/21/19.

I am very, very passionate about the things I do and this includes Magic in every aspect. I have not been playing long but I do try my best every time I play and if nothing else, try to learn something.

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