Flytrigreen Deckling

Hello! I have been playing Magic since the summer of 2015. More recently, I have gotten into commander/edh. I mainly use this as a way to store my decklists, but my decks can always use improvement and I try to help people with their decks!

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You don't have the Russian anthem playing when this opens, which is honestly a problem as it is a great anthem. It looks like a pretty cool list though.

July 8, 2017 10:25 a.m.


Tymna Die

Commander / EDH Flytrigreen

SCORE: 1 | 239 VIEWS

Grandma Zedruu's Loan Office

Commander / EDH Flytrigreen

SCORE: 3 | 413 VIEWS

Read it and Reap

Commander / EDH Flytrigreen


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