"I don't know why people say a double-edged sword is bad. It's a sword. With two edges."

—Kamahl, pit fighter

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DecadeFire thank you for the advice!

About swapping Terastodon for Ancient Greenwarden, I am a little doubtful: the latter does a Panharmonicon effect that I don't see particularly relevant in Kamahl. The former, on the other hand, it's a green multiple removal tool that can deal with problematic cards, like stax pieces or damage-preventing tools like Glacial Chasm

Scute Swarm seems very powerful in a pure-aggro style of commander. I suppose this strategy could be viable depending on the meta. I usually play against midrange/combo decks, therefore I don't actually need another tool to further push the aggro plan.

I am about to write another update related to Zendikar Rising cards, and I can give a spoiler here: it will need some other 20+ games to be confirmed, but it is highly likely that I will add Ashaya, Soul of the Wild to the 99. With Kamahl in play, you can go infinite with Quirion Ranger / Scryb Ranger and an animated Gaea's Cradle. This is so cool and broken that some times it didn't even feel fair lol. Like always, I do not make change until I played at least 100 games, therefore I will let you know soon :)

October 14, 2020 4:43 a.m.






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