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Probably. Mythic Spoiler translated it as Glorious Destiny.

January 3, 2018 5:47 p.m.

Oh. Didn't realize it was an option in the editor.

Harmonious Ouroboros

Creature - Snake Dragon

When Harmonious Ouroboros dies, add to your mana pool. This mana doesn't empty from your mana pool as as steps and phases end.

: Return Harmonious Ouroboros from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.

That which is old is new again


A Black/White vampire queen who ISN'T as bad as Elenda.

January 3, 2018 5:16 p.m.

You can certainly have dinosaurs IN the deck. After all, Ferocidon is used in Ramunap and Sunwing is generally viable sideboard tech (Usually against Ramunap). It's just kinda pointless having ALL the creatures be dinosaurs particularly when you have nothing that actually benefits from the tribe.

January 3, 2018 5:08 p.m.

Quite a bit less viable since vehicles are much higher tier than dinosaurs (and the best dinosaur decks are R/G)

January 3, 2018 5:03 p.m.

Harmonious Ouroboros - 3WBG (I don't know how to do the image formatting)

Creature - Snake Dragon

When Harmonious Ouroboros dies, add WBG to your mana pool. This mana doesn't empty from your mana pool as as steps and phases end

3WBG: Return Harmonious Ouroboros from your graveyard to the battlefield.

That which is old is new again


A Black/White vampire queen who ISN'T as bad as Elenda.

January 3, 2018 5:01 p.m.

Said on Withering Egypt...


There's really no good reason to have red in this deck. It works best if it's just B/G.

January 3, 2018 4:28 p.m.

Said on Jund Dino Enrage...


Enrage as a mechanic is on the whole pretty bad. The only two cards with it that are any good are Ranging Raptors and Ripjaw Raptor which is mysteriously missing from this deck. Probably better to just focus on them (or rather just the latter) and have the rest be normal dinos since, based on the deck title, you don't seem to be wed to the idea of this being a strictly enrage deck.

January 3, 2018 4:26 p.m.

I dunno. Vanquisher's Banner seems a bit spendy for an anthem effect. I know everyone's trash talking it, but Glorious Destiny is probably your best bet.

January 3, 2018 4:22 p.m.

It's too inconsistent. I understand the idea, though. You have the ability to cheat just about any creature you want into play. That doesn't, however, mean you should load the decks with all the big creatures in the format you like. You're going to have to pick and choose which ones you want for better consistency. I would say the ones to focus on are Carnage Tyrant and Glorybringer.

January 3, 2018 4:19 p.m.

Said on Tormenting Ramp...


-Running Genesis Mage unironically

-He continues to pretend he actually plays this game.

January 3, 2018 4:16 p.m.

Said on Embrace the Cactus...


This doesn't look very aggro to me considering it's mostly big creatures and no ramp.

January 3, 2018 4:13 p.m.

Said on Scoots dinos...


You're going to have to take out things like Wakening Sun's Avatar and Goring Ceratops to improve the consistency of the deck. "Diverse" in Magic often means "Wildly inconsistent" unless it's akin to the old Birthing Pod decks.

January 3, 2018 4:07 p.m.

The reasons for the Sunwing and Ferocidon is that they're small utility dinos, so having them crew a vehicle is often worth it. Hell, they're small and fast enough (3 drops actually) that you can have them crew Heart of Kiran and have it be worth it.

Also Veteran Motorist is a must for vehicle decks. Toolcraft Exemplar is also fairly good as well.

January 3, 2018 3:58 p.m.

90% win rate against what exactly?

January 3, 2018 3:51 p.m.

You're going to have a tough time, then, because the concept behind dinosaurs and vehicles are simply naturally contradictory. The idea behind vehicles is to effectively turn weenies into big creatures for a turn while dinos are simply about BEING the big creatures. As such, having a dino crew a vehicle is often pointless.

If you still want to try to make the concept work, though, then you should focus on filling out your Kinjalli's Sunwings and possibly adding Rampaging Ferocidon. You might also need bigger vehicles to make it all worth it like Cultivator's Caravan (particularly for the ramp), and Skysovereign, Consul Flagship.

January 3, 2018 3:39 p.m.

Said on None...


Jeb is a waste.

Blowhorn intensifies

January 3, 2018 3:29 p.m.

Said on Bramunap...


"Apparently, you don't have a money based restriction , yet no fatal pushes are in"

I tried Fatal Push. I really did. It just doesn't work particularly because I can't remove permanents to trigger Revolt on command. I opted for Cut // Ribbons instead because it still gets rid of just about anything I want and provides what can often be vital reach to close out a game (supposing I can remember the thing is actually in my graveyard).

That said, keep on tisming. This is great. I love seeing overreactions like yours.

January 3, 2018 3:20 p.m.

Said on Gannondorf...

#18, huh? Seems like an alternative to Cockatrice when the overly authoritarian mods decide to start acting overly authoritarian.

January 3, 2018 8:06 a.m.

You have 12 creatures and, apart from Compelling Argument coupled with Fraying Sanity, your only other mill card revolves around having one of those frankly weak creatures attack. For all intents and purposes, Fleet Swallower is all you have.

January 3, 2018 7:43 a.m.

I think someone's going to like Angrath, the Flame-Chained.

January 3, 2018 5:10 a.m.



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