Aphoticate Deckling

I pretty much only play black decks. Why? It's not the best reason but I really love the flavour. It also has fun and effective mechanics such as discard and reanimation. Oh yeah and it's arguably the best colour for tutoring which is great in EDH.

These days I mainly play EDH with a very casual playgroup. My commander decklists reflect as such. No Infinite/Degenerate Combos and no MLD allowed. My DC lists however pulls no punches.

My username on MTGS is: FearDReaper

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What about The Scarab God ? He might make people second guess attacking you when they know you can reanimate the Baleful Strix in your GY.

June 22, 2017 5:06 p.m.


BW 8Rack

Modern Aphoticate


8 Rackdos

Modern Aphoticate


Vial Smasher (Jund)

Duel Commander* Aphoticate

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Queen Marchesa Politics

Commander / EDH Aphoticate

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