Mistfire Adept + Pinion Feast (Stack Question)

Asked by Luciferos 5 years ago

If I cast Pinion Feast to trigger Mistfire Adept's ability, when does Mistfire's trigger fire? Can I have Mistfire give a creature flying resolve prior to Pinion Feast, and as a secondary question, even if I CAN have Mistfire resolve before Pinion Feast, can I target Pinion Feast at a creature that doesn't have flying before the Adept grants it?

Dracoson says... Accepted answer #1

A triggered ability that triggers off of a spell being CAST will resolve before the spell that triggered it, so yes, Mistfire Adept's ability will resolve before Pinion Feast does, BUT any targets must be named as part of casting a spell that targets, so the creature you are going to grant flying will not have flying when you cast Pinion Feast and so it can not be targeted.

April 28, 2015 7:27 p.m.

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