Does shroud or hexproof destroy enchantments already present on the creature?

Asked by Junius 6 years ago

When you have an enchantment like Pacifism on a creature, and that creature would get Shroud or hexproof from some source (other card or card effect), would the enchantment be destroyed? And what if the creature would get protection from white (in the Pacifism case)?

Elmarias says... Accepted answer #1

For the first question, No. the only thing Shroud and hexproof look for is "target" and once something is on the creature, it is no longer targeting, but a part of the creature. The enchantment Pacifism would not be destroyed if the creature gained shroud or hexproof, but it could no longer be enchanted by something new.

For the second question, yes, the Pacifism would be destroyed since protection does the following. 1) prevents damage from the chosen color.2) gives inability of the colored creatures to block the protected color and 3) all enchntments of the chosen color are put into the graveyard as a state based effect.

502.7c - A permanent with protection can't be enchanted by Auras that have the stated quality. Such Auras attached to the permanent with protection will be put into their owners' graveyards as a state-based effect. (See rule 420, "State-Based Effects.")

August 25, 2011 1:16 p.m.

mozerdozer says... #2

Protection also prevents targeting and has a similar effect on equipment as it does on enchantments.

August 25, 2011 3:57 p.m.

no enchantemts only target when you play it as a spell,

enchantements are nolonger targeting the permanent after it resolves

August 26, 2011 3:23 a.m.

protection on the other hand kills enchantments

August 26, 2011 3:25 a.m.

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