How would you solve the 3 issues stopping this deck from being good?

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Posted on Jan. 3, 2019, 2:16 a.m. by caantpayrent

Working on a brew for Lazav, its got some shape.

It's got 3 issues I see atm;

  • Heavy reliance on Necrotic Ooze, makes us too fragile. So some other lines that work within our body are probably needed.

  • We're probably a bit under powered =, given the amount of time it takes and mainly how obvious what we are doing will be the power level of the deck is low..not sure how to fix it (or is it can be fixed and still be lazav deck)

  • Low board interaction - We have the regualr blue counters but are missing interaction.

Lazav the Multifarious

Commander / EDH* caantpayrent


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