The Infectous Delver

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FNM 08/30 Top 8! —Sept. 5, 2012

With the build as listed above, I went 4-1, 2-0 in all wins (1-2 in my one loss) and made top 8. Of course, my luck being what it is, my deck decided to mana flood massively in both games of the first round of top 8, and I did not go any further.

For some reason, I cannot fully remember all the matches from that night (several days ago, and I am running on little sleep right now), but I do recall what my 1-2 loss was against.

I was playing against a U/W Delver, running lots of spirits and good old Geist of St Traft (man I hate that card). I lost the first round after having a bit of a stall. The second game I came back and stomped it in on turn four, with a straight up shot of 11 infect in one swing. Third round was a grueling close match, where either side was poised to take it. I had a stall after he mana leaked a ponder (I was digging for lands), which annoyed me- who counters a cantrip, right?

Later on, I was setting up the win. I had enough mana to equip a Runechanter's pike to an Inkmoth nexus and use it to swing, but I was trying to get it done, because I was dangerously low on life. I played a ponder, so I could get one more instant into the graveyard. I dug through and found a land, as well as a Gitexian Probe. I pulled the probe, so I could get one more instant into that graveyard, grab the land, and use the four lands to equip and swing. I paid for the probe off life, and then he missteped it. I could not believe it. A second counter of a cantrip.

Because he pulled that- I lost on the next turn. Frustrating! We were both laughing about it though- how often do you win a matchup by countering someone's cantrips- twice in a match no less. It was good that he did though, because I had it on that turn had he not pulled that off.

All in all, it was a great night. I cruised through the first three and the final match at 2-0, which posted me up into the best placement I had managed (previous top four occurrence I was in 8th place and then managed to move on). If others had not done as well that night, I would have been higher on the chain, but I came in through at 5th and the loss dropped me to 7th overall. Still can't complain though. :)

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