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I have not tried Seraph of the Scales at all, but then I also do not think I have specifically played this against any sort of reanimator. When I did play it, they had not really caught on at my LGS and lately I have been back on Grixis Control.

Anyway...I do not know what it is that I would pull out of the 4 slot for that as opposed to hanging on to a Path to Exile or Vindicate might end up being better than replacing anything in that slot, just my thoughts though. I was also considering a Kaya, Orzhov Usurper or two in the side since the reanimator decks have caught on.

Coming up, I am thinking about trying Markov Purifier for some card draw as a two of. Gaining life here is really easy, but unsure how bad that extra mana might be in the long run, but I figure it is worth a shot.

November 16, 2021 11:44 a.m.


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