You should probably rubber up for this one :(

This is built to deliver buffed Infect via Marchesa, the Black Rose , with a whole bucket full of painful control.

Why use Marchesa for infect? Well, the reasons are simple:

  • Infect doesn't lower life totals, which means I don't have to play the politics game. Like at all. All I have to do is keep my life total low, which is usually pretty easy given that everyone else wants me dead.
  • Everyone uses green or Atraxa for infect. Fuck all that. I do what I want!
  • Recursion. I can wipe the board and have everything re-enter, triggering ETB damage effecs (eg Pandemonium ).
  • Fucking recusion, dude! Everybody else plays big ass creatures. Infect is by and large not oriented in that manner, so I need to wipe the board often.
  • Grixis is balls for infect. So much juicy shit at my disposal.



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I decided it was time to bring this out of retirement to inflect upon my new playgroup. So far, it has been absolutely delightful (for me). Plus, theres been some fun new toys printed that work very well with it.

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