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This is my personal collection of MTG cards which I am selling because I need some cash, and because I'm too old for this stuff now. I am probably selling these at a loss, because nearly every single one of these cards was opened in a booster pack, with the only exceptions being: (a) the handful of duel decks purchased at big box stores; (b) promos won at FNM at comic book stores in NY and NJ; and (c) maybe-no-more-than-10 casual binder trades with other magic players hanging out at the comic book store. There are no dollar rares or other people's collections hiding up in here, since I have always strictly played 60-card kitchen table magic. In other words, I stupidly just buy packs at full retail price, play with them with my cousin for a while, or just stuff 'em in a box when I get home from FNM. I am definitely losing money, and did not go about collecting cards in an economical manner. Sadly, I need the cash and they just got to go... digital garage sale style.

The cards in this collection are all contained in a giant 3-ring rare binder and a couple of small boxes (I will include some images on eBay). Nearly every card is rare or mythic rare, with some exceptional uncommons thrown in. I've been playing casually for about 15 years, since Mirrodin, and through Dominaria, so don't expect any older cards. The condition ranges from about near-mint to Very Good, with the large majority being near mint. I generally kept my cards in sleeves and binders. I can make NO GUARANTEES whatsoever regarding the condition of the cards. But I think the large majority are in good shape.


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