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34th EDH Deck - Food Chain Korvold (a.k.a. FCK)


"Perfection through Knowledge, Satisfaction through Ruthlessness, Harmony through Acceptance"

I'm the guy who loves playing decks that aren't that popular and will spends thousands of dollars refining them until I deem them complete, yes I am that type of person. I been introduced to Magic the Gathering back in middle school in the year of 2003, the block that I started in was the Kamigawa block and I found it very interesting. During that time I played a constructed deck on and off and eventually life happened and I stopped playing, flash forward almost exactly ten years later and I joined an anime/otaku club. Here I met people playing MTG and I also started getting back into it. Currently I am an avid competitive EDH player who has a tendency to play combo/control decks, I absolutely hate to lose but I enjoy a great match. I've been known in my group as always being threatening and able to win out of the blue so they love to make my life hard and deny me all of my resources, as you will see the reason a lot of my decks are built to win either with flair or questionable commanders. Now enough about me, go read further below that's what you actually came here for!

Korvold is one of the newest decks that I have started building when it was spoiled. Right off the bat I was instantly attracted to Korvold's ability and I vowed to build him as soon as possible, before I even obtained Korvold, I gathered about 80% of the deck in trades. As of now Korvold's history is quite short and hasn't gained the notoriety as my other decks but he is becoming one of my pet decks and will be updated the more I play and refine Korvold!

  • Added in Dualcaster/Twinflame line in!
  • Minor Tweaks~

Korvold has been amazing to play, and always have a fun unexpected way to win. Decided to try out the Dualcaster Mage and Twinflame combo line. So far we are the one always pressuring the board for a fast win. Having more access to card draw is key and having more threats on board is good a majority of the time. It is also time that Riftsweeper been cut, there was only one game where it was relevant, but all the other games it seemed unnecessary and was used to feed into Food Chain, been cut to make more space for the combo line. In addition, Runic Armasaur hasn't been performing as well as I thought so been cut out for now in place of Mindblade Render, the momre early game draws the better. Also Final Fortune is too damn good sometimes, won a lot of games due to having that extra turn!

  • Some new cards added and swapped out!
  • Minor page edits!

It's definitely been awhile but have been playing Korvold almost exclusively for the past few months. There has been changes to the deck list, however Korvold has been running insanely smooth and has become a threat in my meta haha. Almost all games are like 3v1 whenever I pull out Korvold. Dockside Extortionist is a hell of a card and definitely broken, nearly half of my games are won due to Cloudstone Curio/Dockside combo. Here are some cards that were taken out and swapped.

  • Primer written!
  • Edited Webpage!
  • Testing Cloudstone Curio as an backup win condition!

Finally had the time to spend a few hours typing out the primer, adjusted the webpage to suit Korvold, been testing him out and Korvold is definitely a blast to play! There is a plethora of interaction as well as lines that makes you think outside the box. Will continue to update and refine as more testing goes through!

  • Paper list built!
  • Testing Korvold.
  • Removed maybeboard cards~

Alright finally tested out Korvold and decided on being a FC mixed deck with some land interaction as well as Dockside/Temur Combo lines! Paper deck also built!

Now cards missing that will be added in eventually will be:

  • Decklist changed moved toward FC route.
  • Organized T/O list!
  • Started collecting cards for paper list!

Alright decided to go FC route after a lot of contemplation and brainstorming. Seems to be the best way to win fast. A lot of cards in the maybeboard for other deck ideas for if going Aristocrat based or going Land value combo based.

  • Korvold spoiled on the September 4th, 2019!
  • Created decklist on T/O!
  • Still figuring out main combo line...

Right now making the decision whether to go land based combo or aristocrat based combo. Leaning more towards aristocrat based combo as it makes more use out of Korvold's ability. If ya have any suggestions or thoughts please feel free to comment below.

Meta is mainly flash hulk, stax, infinite turns, WGD combo. (Mainly optimized and tuned cEDH deck meta)

Deck Breakdown

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King

Korvold in my opinion is one of the more versatile Food Chain (FC) commanders in the Jund colors. Starting with his base stats he is a 4/4 Flyer that already becomes a 5/5 upon entering the field and netting you a card draw. That already makes Korvold a decent blocker as well as a big threat. Korvold nexts ability is what made him stand out to me in the competitive scene is that he is a card draw engine. Whenever you sacrifice a permanent put a +1/+1 counter on Korvold and draw a card. This last part is the deciding factor, every fetch essentially becomes a draw 1 added on to it. In addition to any other sacrifice effect we have that means we can literally out value other opponents. Dockside Extortionist also comes to mind as every time we crack a treasure that also gives a draw, the synergy is endless as there are many situations where we will net a decent amount of cards. Korvold becoming a big boy is just all gravy on the side.

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher is essentially our other contender for Jund Food Chain commanders. Main differences between them is that with Prossh you have your infinite mana generator in your command zone once you have FC out, while with Korvold you already have access to your outlet once you have the infinite mana. Aside from that Korvold in my opinion is a more resilient commander, being able to net you more card advantage overall throughout the game in comparison with Prossh. Prossh however does have the bigger board presence and combat potential as well being a sac outlet when shit hits the fan. One big deciding factor for me additionally is that we already have another Prossh player in our meta and I do not like having the same commander in our meta, makes it less interesting and stagnant. With that being said I bring to you Korvold, the Eternally Fae-Cursed King!

Arbor Elf: Mana dork.

Birds of Paradise: Any color mana dork.

Blood Artist: Win Condition. Food Chain Outlet. Also stops mirror reanimator match ups when they decide the loop shenanigans.

Bloom Tender: Mana dork that nets more than one at times.

Collector Ouphe: Negates opposing artifacts. Stellar hate piece. Not much of a downside for us as we run minimum amount of artifacts.

Dark Confidant: Card advantage as well as fodder for Food Chain, our curve is low so life loss isn't a issue.

Deathrite Shaman: Mana dork with additional hate abilities.

Dockside Extortionist: Alternative win condition line. Can net an excessive amount of mana, enables card draw for Korvold as well. MVP of the deck.

Dualcaster Mage: Recent addition, can be used for some sneaky plays. Mainly for tertiary combo line.

Elves of Deep Shadow: Mana dork.

Elvish Mystic: Mana dork.

Eternal Witness: Recursion on a creature that can be also used as fodder. Enables lines with Chord of Calling as well.

Fyndhorn Elves: Mana dork.

Goblin Matron: With the advent of Dockside Extortionist being a great win condition, Goblin Matron makes the cut as it can also tutor for our Squee as well as Vexing Shusher.

Imperial Recruiter: Creature tutor on a stick can grab essentially 90% of the creatures we run. Mainly to grab Squee, the Immortal.

Llanowar Elves: Mana dork.

Manglehorn: Stax piece as well as artifact hate.

Mayhem Devil: Win condition. Doubles as also annoyance when people sac their permanents.

Mindblade Render: Additional card draw, great on curve and who is to say card draw is bad? Can be also used for fodder when its usefulness has been outlived.

Priest of Titania: Mana dork that is relative in cEDH as there tend to be other dorks in most match ups.

Purphoros, God of the Forge: Win condition. Only outlet that lets you win via ETB effects.

Reclamation Sage: Staple removal in creature based decks, plenty of ways to tutor for it.

Squee, the Immortal: Food Chain combo, also has uses in being fodder for both Korvold as well as being a chunk blocker. Long Live the Squee!!!

Sylvan Safekeeper: Protection for removal. Flex spot.

Temur Sabertooth: Alternative win condition. Pairs with Dockside Extortionist but can be also used for janky plays as well.

Vexing Shusher: Tells all the control players to go fuck themselves.

Walking Ballista: Win condition. Also doubles as creature removal when need to be.

Zulaport Cutthroat: Win condition with Food Chain.

All mana rock cards are self explanatory.

Cloudstone Curio: Testing this card currently as there can be combo synergy with having Dockside Extortionist out.

Carpet of Flowers: Meta call card. Free mana is great mana.

Food Chain: The main win condition for the deck.

Necropotence: Card draw is key, digging for that win is also key, winning is key, duh.

Sylvan Library: The best card advantage engine we have in green, library manipulation as well as draw 3. Life is a resource, use it.

Abrupt Decay: Prime removal that can't be countered, great since a majority of the cards we target are 3 cmc or less.

Assassin's Trophy: Destroys anything. The land resource they gain is negligible to what you just popped.

Chord of Calling: Exceptional card in creature based decks, can lead to winning board states.

Crop Rotation: Mainly a tutor for Gaea's Cradle but there are also nuances where you need to grab som,e other utility land.

Culling the Weak: Can be a cantrip with Korvold out, but also that extra mana can never hurt. Comes in exceptionally clutch.

Demonic Consultation: With having only a two card combo, when you have one piece in hand, you don't care about anything else you exile.

Entomb: Essentially a one mana get Squee into the grave.

Final Fortune: Sometimes we are just a short of a turn to win. This essentially gives us that extra turn, who cares if there isn't another turn if you just win.

Force of Vigor: Great removal at any time of the games, having two targets can lead to some interesting plays.

Guttural Response: Running sans blue means we need all the protection we can get.

Nature's Claim: All around cheap removal.

Noxious Revival: Great card to have that can help you or stop other people.

Pyroblast: Read Guttural Response.

Red Elemental Blast: Read the above card.

Return to Nature: Removal and hate on a card? I love multi functioning cards.

Summoner's Pact: Efficient tutor that lets you grab your win condition lines.

Tainted Pact: Read Demonic Consultation.

Vampiric Tutor: Staple in tutor package.

Veil of Summer: One of the best cards for protection, cantrips as well.

Worldly Tutor: Creature based deck, duh. Redundancy is key.

Demonic Tutor: Staple tutor package.

Diabolic Intent: Makes sense to run when the card we tutor for can win the game.

Eldritch Evolution: Great all around one way Birthing Pod.

Finale of Devastation: Opens up a lot of options, can revive creatures, tutor for creatures, as well be used to end games if it lasts that long.

Gamble: We like to play with fire, doesn't hurt us as bad as we don't necessarily care if the tutored card hits the grave.

Green Sun's Zenith: Flexible card that can be used at any point of the game.

Imperial Seal: Staple tutor package.

Praetor's Grasp: Meta call card. Acts as an alternative win condition depending on the decks in the meta. Usual grabs are Labman, Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, opposing Food Chain, Dockside Extortionist, etc.

Regrowth: Sometimes we just need more recursion effects.

Toxic Deluge: Having that reset button helps majorly.

Twinflame: Has some value making copies of other creatures, but mainly exclusively for the combo with Dualcaster Mage. Tertiary combo line.

Phyrexian Tower: Used in conjunction with Korvold for card draw, but can be also used for protection against those damnable Gilded Drake.

These were cards that were once in the deck or are meta called.

Dosan the Falling Leaf: Always dead card in hand, but good when you want to combo off protected.

Fire Covenant: With the game steering more towards heavier on the aggro, life preservation is warranted more than ever.

Once Upon a Time: Currently testing out this card, allows us to take a bit more risky hands as well as a good dig when we need that land.

Riftsweeper: Our backup condition in the case where we exile all our win conditions via Tainted Pact or Demonic Consultation.

Runic Armasaur: Card advantage that gets better the more competitive the meta is. Not enough of a threat to promote removal but strong enough to also deter swingers.

The main pros are listed over here:

  • Speed
  • Redundancy
  • Resilience

This build of Korvold is an all in deck, our main goal is to win with Food Chain, no if, any, or buts. Speed is the name of the game and we will combo out as soon as possible and as fast as possible. The Jund tutor suite all shouts out redundancy and consistency. We are also very resilient to many hate as well as finding ways out of many stax and negative board states. We also have a great removal suit in the event that there is something impeding our way to win. There is protection in the form of creatures like Vexing Shusher or spells like Red Elemental Blast/Veil of Summer as well as having several different lines to win if there is one not accessible to us.

The main cons include:

  • Linear Game Plan
  • Hate Bears/Resource Denial
  • Sans Blue

Off the bat people will be aware that we are a FC deck and so they will be prepared for that. Expect a lot of ways for them to shut off your dorks or countering your FC. Stax also stops the speed of the deck, the longer the game progresses the lower the chances we will win and the higher other combo and control decks will win. We also don't have access to blue so we have to find other ways to protect our spells. Board wipes also definitely hamper us as well as most of the time we will rely having dorks out on the field to get to our infinite mana. Essentially the plan is to out pace them as soon as possible and rip a win or it will be an attrition war of seeing how much spells we can burn.

Oh yeah just saying...fuck Gilded Drake.

This combo involves Food Chain and Squee, the Immortal to make infinite creature mana.

How to start making infinite mana is by having FC on the battlefield and being able to cast Squee. With Squee on the battlefield you exile him to FC netting . With this mana you recast Squee from exile to make infinite . Now with infinite mana, you recast Squee and exile him to FC to make the other colored mana infinitely. Now you have infinite mana of any color to cast creatures.

How you win?

With infinite creature mana and Squee on the battlefield you will cast Korvold, with Korvold's ETB trigger you will sacrifice Squee and draw a card. Exile Korvold and recast Squee and than Korvold, rinse and repeat until you draw your outlet to win the game. Also pro tip, don't forget you can exile Korvold to FC to prevent yourself from decking out.


Blood Artist

Mayhem Devil

Purphoros, God of the Forge

Walking Ballista

Zulaport Cutthroat

This combo involves Temur Sabertooth and Dockside Extortionist to produce infinite mana.

The requirements for this combo requires the opponent(s) to have any combination of artifacts or enchantments that total 5 or more. With both Dockside and Sabertooth out you will bounce back Dockside to your hand and recast with the treasure he makes, every iteration will net you one treasure and thus infinite mana. Proceed to cast Korvold and draw cards until you hit your win condition.

Win Conditions?

Mayhem Devil

Purphoros, God of the Forge

Walking Ballista

Eternal Witness/Praetor's Grasp

This is an infinite mana combo involving Cloudstone Curio and Dockside Extortionist.

This is under assumption you have exactly enough to cast Dockside

The requirements for this combo is having at at least one creature (assuming one cmc drop) and Dockside in hand along with Cloudstone Curio on the battlefield, as well as opponents having at least four artifacts/enchantments on the battlefield. Cast Dockside to gain four treasures, choose not to bounce any creature if there is any. Cast your other creature in hand using the treasure, Cloudstone triggers and bounce back Dockside. Recast Dockside to net four more treasures, Cloudstone triggers again and bounce back your creature. Recast creature, rinse and repeat to net infinite mana. From there cast Korvold to draw your library and choose a win condition to win from.

Infinite hasted token combo with Dualcaster Mage and Twinflame.

To do this combo you need to have both Dualcaster and Twinflame in hand as well as at least having one creature on the battlefield. To start the combo you will cast Twinflame targeting the creature on the battlefield, while Twinflame is on the stack, hold priority and also cast Dualcaster Mage. When Dualcaster resolves, its ETB ability will trigger and copy the Twinflame that is on the stack. This makes a copy of Twinflame and you will have the new copy target Dualcaster, when the copy resolves you will have a new trigger of Dualflame ETB trigger. Now you have created a loop to make infinite copies of hasted Dualcaster Mages. With that, move to combat and kill the table.

This is a meta based combo line. Cards involved are Praetor's Grasp in conjunction with other cards.

Thassa's Oracle

Laboratory Maniac

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

With Praetor's Grasp you will grab one of the above mentioned cards, cast them and have them on the field as well as have either Tainted Pact or Demonic Consultation in hand. With Thassa's Oracle, cast one of the former mentioned cards with the trigger on the stack and proceed to win from there. With Labman you will either need a way to draw a card after casting Tainted Pact/Demonic Consultation. With Jace activate the +1 ability to draw a card, maintain priority and cast Tainted Pact/Demonic Consultation or if you done goofed, have a way to draw a card after casting the latter cards.

Protean Hulk

In this line you will need a sac outlet and will be following the Temur Sabertooth/Dockside Extortionist line. With the death trigger of hulk find both Sabertooth and Dockside and proceed to win from making infinite mana and finding your win condition.

Deck Piloting

In our first couple turns you will always want to cast dorks. This is essential in Food Chain strategies as we rely on exiling creatures to cast Squee with no cost to go infinite mana as soon as possible. Our next order of priority is acquiring our combo pieces, usually tutoring for Squee is the best choice of option. The reason is two fold, first we want Squee accessible to us and secondly he can be fodder for Korvold when we don't want to sac anything else.

If we already fulfilled those conditions early enough in the game our next order of priority is either protection for us to jam out the combo or card advantage so we don't lose enough steam and can pressure into the win. It is totally possible to jam out the win as soon as T2 or T3 but that is in a vacuum state and highly unlikely. Early game card advantage can also be key when you find yourself against three other control decks, knowing your opponents decks also help when figuring out what card to tutor for.

This is where our deck shines, by now we should have already assemble the pieces to win and should be looking for a way to go for the win protected. Vexing Shusher is great bait as well as game ending if he resolves on your turn. We have a light counter magic suite of spells in terms of Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, Guttural Response, as well as Veil of Summer. Also going for value isn't the worse way, having access to Dockside Extortionist and cracking the treasures while Korvold is on the field gives us insane card advantage.

We can win outright so being patient can also be key when you have other combo players, let the control players waste their resources and than try to win. Deciding when to combo out is an important factor so there are many paths you can take, but that is also what makes the deck fun! You have so many options at this point!

This is our worst scenario usually, if it comes up to late game that would mean that there was a lot of interaction early on and we fizzled or there was so much stax that it dragged out the game to this state. At this time we want to bide our resources as well as look for any opportunity to combo and win with protection. Go for the card advantage as build up board state. Don't be afraid to cast Korvold and start whacking people in the face.

Utilize all the resources and sculpt your hand to win undisputed. We have enough removal and interaction to hinder other combo decks as well, but we still our limited and have a finite amount of them, use all cards wisely as they all are chosen for a specific reason.

Ultimately our goal is to have Food Chain in our hand as well as Squee, the Immortal on the field and/or in the graveyard or exile. With that being said an optimal hand will look something akin like this:

  • 2-3 Lands, prioritize mana.
  • 1-2 Mana Dorks or accelerants.
  • 1-2 Tutors.
  • 1-2 Interaction.

As long your hand at least fulfill 3 of these benchmarks (prioritize tutors), you are generally good to go. Every game is flexible and you have a plethora of options and adjusting to the boardstate. Your tutors will mainly grab you your combo piece as bum rushing to combo out will be your main avenue of winning. Card advantage sources will be next order in the lines of priority and protection will be last. You are the threat so continue on being one.

Throughout the time playing Korvold here are some cards to watch out for that will hamper you when your trying to win, or will just make your deck stop.

  • Cursed Totem/Linvala, Keeper of Silence - These types of effects literally slows us down and makes us feel like a little salty bitch.
  • Humility - As noted above, this makes our whole deck useless.
  • Torpor Orb/Hushwing Gryff - Anything that negates ETB effects does indeed hamper with our primary win conditions.
  • Rhystic Study - This is an interesting interaction, we hope to net enough mana to pop the Rhystic before they can draw into a spell that will impede our way to win.
  • Wrath Effects - We rely on having a board state, so having our opponents clear the board will set us back a few turns.
  • Gilded Drake - I hate and love this card...but having it used on Korvold when you have both FC and Squee on board and no other outlet in hand just sucks...like majorly.

If there are any comments on how I can improve my deck more, please let me know!!

+1 Upvote to be Cursed by the King!!!


Updates Add

Took awhile but I finally found the time to write out a semi-decent primer! Please let me know if there is anything I should add in!

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