Wins / Losses: 16W 9L

Grixis. Its an underplayed archetype right now b/c people aren't really loving it like Golgari, or Izzet, or fancy panties Jeskai with her lipstick and Teferi. It's not fair the spicy goth chicks sit in the shadows with a blow torch and have to be set aside. Nobody should put baby in a corner! That's where this deck comes into play!

While people are playing Grixis, its just not the flavor we need. The SPICE in our life. The RED mana that drives us forward in this tri-color delight has been missing. I've added some of it back and taking some of Jeskai's thunder by adding in the precious Expansion / Explosion plus Fight with Fire combo. Do you need it? Nope. Is it handy? Yep. Does each card act as a very useful tool on its own? You bet! You keep the standard goodies like Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   around and of course Disinformation Campaign. You still have your staples like Thought Erasure, and Sinister Sabotage. Our creature pool still includes our dearest friend and cohorts Dream Eater and Doom Whisperer as they always have turned up to our affairs with such love and affection. So just play it like its a normally competitive Grixis deck in Standard, and if you hit the jackpot with the direct damage, congrats! I've toyed with the idea of a Banefire as well, and its just not as useful here because Expansion / Explosion works with any spell. I thought about Ral, Izzet Viceroy but I don't like discarding a damn thing, and he's always chasing those fast jumpstart girls anyway. Let him have those wenches, we have finer tastes.

Regarding the sideboard, I've done more of the standard issue stuff to fight off the usual host of suspects. I've added in one choice card people tend to forget, which some call bad, but I like personally. Well, maybe two of those. My most favorite is Unmoored Ego because she's the new Lost Legacy - long may she rest in eternal formats - and is quite amazing. Carnage Tyrant isn't an issue if you neuter the damn thing out of a deck before its born. The same can be said of many standard threats. If you take away a player's closers, their strong points, their planeswalkers - their FUTURE - they have nothing. Sometimes you'll see an instant concede out of certain decks. River's Rebuke is the other unwanted patron of the tidal arts. She's a great performer if done in the right context late game. You've a bevy of solutions already for tokens, but this...this is not only token removal, but stuffs their hands full of cards! AND YOU PLAY A DISCARD THEME! Fancy that! It's satisfying. Really. It makes me wanna toss in some Divest into the sideboard instead of Essence Scatter and I just might do that. Anyway, go out there and prove to the blonde bubbleheaded Jeskai's and smelly Golgari what's for. Make sure you punch those Izzets in the face too. And when you run into one of those screaming electrodrakes make sure you introduce them to Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  to show them who's the real dragon.

EDIT: Sideboard tuning; added Mnemonic Betrayal to see how it plays out. Removed Lava Coil. Also added some graveyard hate with Sentinel Totem.

EDIT 2: Changed up a LOT after playtesting over the last four days. I've decided that 4 Ionize is pretty fucking good. Eight counterspells really do help the deck shine and get you solved. The wombo combo thing just was not lining up properly. I've also amended the sideboard. I've pulled the River's Rebuke and dropped Negate to bring in Nightveil Predator as some hate on a certain dinosaur. Sentinel Totem was pulled for Silent Gravestone and I increased Unmoored Ego to four. Removing the heart and soul of your opponents deck is...gratifying.

EDIT 3: Ok so I decided main deck Nightveil Predator was just better against an aggro, or creature-heavy meta than Dream Eater. Why? Eater is just so casting cost heavy the times it comes into play to swing and save me it just dies really. While it is very handy, I really don't want it early game. I want it against control, but against aggro, I'm always boarding it out due to the three toughness. I am starting to believe it doesn't belong in the deck at all. I have more than enough ways to surveil, and it just sits there, and dies on a three damage bolt or whatever. The flash part is rarely great bc of the mana cost. The predator on the other hand brings me a tough to kill flyer that can take down a Carnage Tyrant or any slew of small creatures. At four mana, he's an exceedingly undercosted creature that provides more control. Since it provides such control, I am picking this one over eater. I've altered the sideboard again to remove Mnemonic Betrayal entirely. I did this because it costs three mana, and when I do have the mana to cast it, I regret it bc I'd rather save my mana for counters or something else. When its cast, I have to then spend even more mana to get its total usage and value. This to me spells bad things. So, I've opted for Duress and Ritual of Soot as replacements. Both have massive value against control or aggro/swarm decks.

EDIT 4: I needed more control. Flatly speaking Discovery / Dispersal was just not doing shit. It doesn't belong here. With aggro prevalent and doing damage to your face prevalent I've removed Doom Whisperer as he is not needed to close out a match. Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   does a fine job cleaning up after he is transformed and you've gassed your opponent. In place of Doom Whisperer I've added more control. Plaguecrafter is a three for one combo card that cannot possibly overlooked. He takes creatures, planeswalkers, and when both those fail he removes a card from the hand by default. This is amazing. The Immortal Sun has been put in the sideboard for planeswalker hate; and I don't need to transform Nicol to close out a game, and I'm not above slowly raking claws over my opponent's face with Nightveil Predator slowly and surely. Overall, if this is gonna be a control deck, we only need one or two win conditions, and we do not need a big overwhelming finish. Doom Whisperer is great, but the pay 2 life feature is just so damn sketchy in a meta where mono red begs you to fuck up your life bar. The deck needed cheap, early removal, and a way to deal with things beyond Vraska's Contempt. The board clears are nice, but I need more control - STAT. I've had people suggest Thief of Sanity but I can assure you - I've already been down that road. It ends in "this thing doesn't ever resolve or dies in seconds" b/c nobody will even think about letting it live longer than milliseconds. I even played with crazy shit like Etrata, the Silencer and she just is wildly inconsistent as well. Nuking one creature at most, then vanishing into your deck is not only annoying, but simply stupid. If I had to design the card, I'd just say she exiles a creature on someone's board then that's where it ends. Period. No hit counters. No shuffling of the deck. Nothing. It fails against hexproof creatures still, and lands a 3 point blow. OK I'VE STRAYED FROM THE TOPIC! YAY! But anyway, I digress.

Edit 5: Still problems against aggro, but I've buffed up the lower CMC spells. I think creatures are a big problem, and I've dropped Plaguecrafter b/c I need lower profile and faster option. I've moved the Ritual of Soot to the sideboard, and dropped in Niv-Mizzet, Parun as both a card draw engine, and something that can ping one toughness adds. He's got a very thick body, and is a good late game closer too.

Edit 6: I'm becoming pretty frustrated with the aggro in this meta, and speed of decks in general. Rakdos aggro is now coming out strong, and fast, and it bothers me. So I've had to go lower to the ground to counter these threats. Niv-Mizzet, Parun is gone now, and I've dropped the Golden Demise to the sideboard. I've added in two copies of Moment of Craving reluctantly. It's working against the aggro match ups. Main deck Essence Scatter for early board threats. The Cast Down are still there for extra sticky threats. The Eldes Reborn is still in the board for more planeswalker hate, and I've dropped the The Immortal Sun bc whilst it helps, it doth hinder Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   equally so. I don't like the meta a lot; but this is competitive. I have to remain vigilant.

Edit 7: Damping Sphere holds off Izzet big time. It messes up their chain casting, and reliably locks them up on the counter magic. It does good against Jeskai Control as well, and again, locks up their counter magic.

Edit 8: I'm done editing for now after these final edits. The Eldest Reborn is not in the deck currently as the state of white, and red/white really is just not so great for it. Nobody will let that card stay on the board. Phyrexian Scriptures made the cut over it bc it does one thing well: clear the board and exile a graveyard. Eldest does fetch a Bolas back from your own GY, but I am just running Doom Whisperer to pull some of the hate off. I still get many victories thanks to Nightveil Predator and its untouchable status. That card is not looked at seriously. I've even contemplated running two more instead of Whisperer, but the bevy of first strike creatures in white weenie and red white aggro is just too many. I don't think the meta is positioned for control to work out in a lot of cases. It has to be tuned more, but Grixis is not the variant that's gonna be taking the trophy for sure. Its great as a tier two deck, but as a truly top of the heap deck, not so much. It is too slow, and does not have enough answers to the overwhelmingly fast ramp of threats from red, white, and to a lesser extent even Golgari. I like the deck a lot though; and think it more authentic and thought-worthy, but right now just dropping creatures and steamrolling your foes is the thing to do. Red is good at that, and that's another tough match up. So tough match ups for this deck: Red/White variants, Mono-red aggro, and some forms of Golgari. It stomps Jeskai control pretty effectively and other control decks though; which was my goal in building it. It handles control, and does ok there, but beyond that its gonna be pretty hit or miss.

Edit 9: Went through some heavy iterations with grinders from the PPTQ scene here, and man, I think their input might be spot on. I've swapped around some more cards, and things look pretty good, and I'm gonna roll with today's picks at the 11/16/2018 FNM. We'll see what shakes out. Ral/Niv seem to be working better. Chemister's Insight is great. Disinfo feels good, but not at 4 in a deck. The shot package of 2 Moment, 2 Lava Coil, and 2 Cast Down is proving handy and balanced. I played around with less than four Vraska's and it feels bad. Eldest Reborn is a rockstar, forcing some seriously good returns from any GY and provides a target for someone to go after instead of Nicol or Niv. It is kinda fun to resurrect a Carnage Tyrant, lol.

Edit 10: FNM was only 3 rounds this week. Anyway, I need enchantment removal. Blink of an Eye with discard spells is as close as I can get. Bolas, Thought Erasure, and Disinfo give me some plays for that. Also, there's quite a few tricks you can play with Blink I've seen tonight with other deck uses. It also can draw you a card, which is very handy. Beacon Bolt was added as a new entry b/c Jumpstart is pretty good. It's a handy card. Shooting down something big with it is very nice. For a single copy, I get two uses of the card, so that's just like putting two in the deck really-kinda-sorta. The Chemister's was a good addition to the deck.

Edit 11: This list works very, very, well. I went 4W 0L today, and I'm happy with it. Beacon Bolt is out though; dead draw does not really do that well here. Just don't bother with that in this deck. You can replace it with what you will, but I think a fourth copy of Thought Erasure works best in that slot, or another Lava Coil or Moment of Craving. Whatever control spell you want, just put that in there. You could optionally do a fourth Chemister's Insight, but I think that's overkill personally. Blink of an Eye has mixed results, but it works in some good ways. Using it on my own Eldest Reborn to get it back and reuse it was VERY cool. Bouncing my OWN goods back to my hand really works. I fought Jeskai Control twice, and it felt very nice. I was able to Unmoored Ego entire swathes of their deck away, and make them discard like crazy, and in addition force them to counter discard spells which cleared a HUGE hole for me to play Nicol Bolas, and other spells like crazy.

Edit 12: I like the Star of Extinction for certain. It’s lending to some awesome results with The Eldest Reborn in play. I had to debate bringing back Carnie T, Niv, Bolas, Teferi, or a 14/4 Crackling Drake. Honestly it was pretty gratifying. Wiping out enemy planeswalkers is something people forget as well. Satisfying also to cast Blink of an Eye on your own dudes after you cast a star.


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