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Mono Black Aggro | Boring.dec

Standard* Spootyone


Got second at a local scg open trial. Heres a breakdown:

Round one - 2/1 vs abzan aggro

Got a bit unlucky with land draws but i also got lucky that my opponent kept attacking and leaving himself dead on board.

Round two - 2/1 vs temur aggro

I did ...

3 years ago

Enlightenment of the Dragonclaw | Temur Aggro

Standard* Spootyone

SCORE: 207 | 258 COMMENTS | 60720 VIEWS | IN 111 FOLDERS

I have some disappointing news for all the fans of this deck...

It doesn't work.

I don't mean that you won't ever win a game with it. I don't mean it isn't fun or creative or interesting. But I have been trounced by midrange decks ...

4 years ago