AdBlock Statement

Hi there, thanks for reading! As you may be aware, ads are very necessary in making this site, and other small sites like it, run. However, we have heard several legitimate reasons from the community as to why an individual would want to use an adblocker.

Instead of using an adblocker we hope you consider getting the Supporter Upgrade. One benefit is that ads will be blocked across all of your devices.

One thing to bear in mind is that even with the Ad-banishing Upgrade you will still see "Deck ads" from members' featured decks. These use the ad banner slot temporarily. Also, you will see some Direct Sponsorship ads. These are pretty infrequent, but are very easy for us to control, and usually directly targeted, such as an MTG deal (they will never ever contain audio or video). If they really really bug you, please let us know and they will be removed, too. You will also see ebay ads on the card pages. And of course, you'll see price links around the site from various MTG vendors. That said, all of the most heinous and annoying "Network ads" will not load for you.

Reporting bad ads

Please use the contact form or post in the forums if you find ads that are very heinous. We do act on this feedback in order to improve your website experience.

Ads causing browsers to slow down / ads containing malware (Update 5/22)

We're very sorry about this issue, and have recently made some changes to our ad network in the hope that this does not happen again. If you have experienced this and, as a result, turned on an ad blocker, we hope you will take this opportunity to give our ads another shot. We take ad issues very seriously, but due to the complicated nature of ad networks it has been difficult to make progress in the past. At this point we believe we have fixed the issue, so please, try our ads out again!